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   Chapter 245 Honey Trap

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"Where are you guys? Are you all right?" Peter asked Black Rasetsu as soon as he was able to reach her on her cell.

"We're fine. They haven't caught you yet, have they?" Black Rasetsu asked worriedly.

Her voice seemed to tremble. She saw a group of soldiers catching up Peter from a distance. It was time to get serious.

"I'm okay. But I haven't gotten rid of the people yet. Anyway, today's mission is cancelled. You two should take a break. I'll get back to you as soon as I get rid of them."

Peter hung up immediately as he finished.

Liam and Black Rasetsu weren't strong enough. It would be dangerous to follow Peter at their current state.

Peter didn't want them to be in danger. He decided to go alone.

Black Rasetsu was cut off by the busy tone from the phone before she could say anything. She clicked her tongue from annoyance.

Meanwhile, Peter headed straight to the Prosperity Manor.

Robin said that he would wait for Peter in Prosperity Manor.

Half an hour later, Peter arrived at the gate of Prosperity Manor.

Upon exiting the taxi, he was just about to strut in when he saw two suspicious-looking men carrying a woman with such a nice figure.

He wasn't really sure if the woman just had a bit too much to drink or if she had been drugged. She kept her head facedown and she appeared to be in a state of confusion. Both of the men's faces were clearly filled with lust. It was obvious that these people were up to no good.

Peter could not help but feel displeased after seeing this.

He knew he should be minding his own business, but after seeing the woman being carried around by those bad guys, he immediately changed his mind.

He could not bear to think about these people taking advantage of the innocent woman. It seemed obviously that the two of them were Robin's men. If there was any chance Peter could get some evidence of their obscenities, he would then be able to get back at Robin even if he could not actually kill him.

While Peter was still planning what he was going to do, the two men had already brought the woman inside the car and driven away.

Peter gave a sullen look and quick

man tore off her shirt. She stretched out her arm, which was as white as snow, and wrapped it around Peter's neck.

Her face was slightly red, she was quite feverish, and her breath was hot against him. She was showing clear signs of being drugged.

Especially, after she tore off her shirt, Peter saw her breasts and couldn't help staring at her for a moment. His mouth became surprisingly dry.

"Oh, hot, so hot." Peter was stunned when the woman threw herself on him and kissed him. She murmured.

Her hazy eyes were burning with passion, filled with impatience.

Peter was totally speechless. He pushed away the woman quickly and gave her a slap in her forehead.

"What the hell? You're in such a hurry to get fucked. Women these days don't have even an ounce of self-respect. Damn it. You're lucky you met me. Let me help you if you are still savable,"

Peter said unhappily as he tried to dispel the effect of the drug for the woman.

His look changed as he was about to make a move.

"Oh, I'm so hot. Please take me." The woman charged towards Peter once again. She started to tear up Peter's clothes in a state of frenzy.

Peter was somewhat appalled.

He had knocked the woman unconscious with just a single slap. Why was she still conscious? 'How could this happen?'

Peter thought. His look changed suddenly.

He could actually feel a sense of danger, uneasiness, and killing intent from this woman.

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