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   Chapter 244 What A Shameless Bastard

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 5855

Updated: 2019-04-21 00:16

Bang! Bang!

Peter kicked the two hitmen hard, pushing them back as they spewed blood from their mouths.

Then, Peter turned back.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Two knives were flying towards him and managed to tear part of his jeans. He could feel the bite of abrasions underneath.

"Son of a bitch, you asked for it!

Come at me!" Peter screamed.

Black Rasetsu and Liam watched with suspense when they saw the two blades

and simultaneously sighed with relief when it passed through without causing any fatal blow.

Despite knowing that there were snipers that anticipated their every move, they could not stay hidden as they watched Peter fighting the numerous hitmen alone.

"Shit!" Peter muttered when he saw Black Rasetsu and Liam coming out from hiding. He kicked one of the hitmen beside him and immediately grabbed him before he could hit the ground. With all his strength, Peter threw the man towards Black Rasetsu and Liam.

Bang! Bang!

Gunshots echoed

but neither Black Rasetsu nor Liam fell. Instead, the hitman that was thrown received the bullets. He died before he even had the chance to scream.

"Fuck!" Sweat trickled down Liam's body. He was completely enraged.

Adrenaline pumped as he charged at other hitmen ready to fight full-out.

Liam realized that the snipers would not shoot at him if he placed himself among the other hitmen for risk of killing their own men.

Black Rasetsu, brilliant as she was, realized the same thing. Both of them ran towards the men and injected themselves into the cloud of chaos.

With Liam's and Black Rasetsu's help, Peter took the men down with more ease.

After punching two men hard, Peter took a man's weapon and used it to charge at other men.

The others who saw

he hell?' thought he.

He, however, had no time to solve the puzzle right now. There were more pressing issues. The most important thing for him to do right now was to drive the soldiers away from this place so he could keep Liam and Black Rasetsu safe.

Peter was as fast as a rabbit. He disappeared in a second.

The soldiers ran after him, panting.

Suddenly, as they rounded a corner, they stopped. They lost Peter!

How humiliating!

Frustration filled them because apparently, they did not know who Peter actually was!

'Fuck! What does he look like? We completely lost him!' thought they.

The only reason they were in the scene was because they received reports of gunfire. Apart from that, they did not know any other detail.

Peter appeared at the end of the street.

He walked towards a convenience store where he proceeded to call Black Rasetsu and Liam.

Peter felt sure of himself that he was able to successfully outrun the soldiers. He was, after all, the Mighty Soldier King. He was as good in manhunts as he was in hiding in plain sight. The men a while ago were just ordinary soldiers. Taking care of them was a piece of cake.

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