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   Chapter 243 Halfway Through The Kill

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 6946

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Just ten minutes after Peter had arrived at the food stall, a minibus stopped a few kilometers away from them.

The door opened and a group of men in black suits got out.

Without another word, they split up, and rushed towards where they were.

Their movements were well-trained. This team knew each other's strengths.

The group of people stopped a kilometer away from Peter. Two of them climbed up to the trees with long wooden cases hanging on their backs.

The others scattered and prepared themselves for an ambush.

They were like ghosts in the dark night. They worked extremely quickly, without even alerting anyone surrounding the area.

Two men quickly found their positions and stopped. They opened their cases simultaneously. They quickly and quietly assembled the parts in front of them.

In no time, two sniper guns were successfully assembled. They started to scope out Peter's location.

These people were some of the best snipers that Robin could find. They were all sent to kill Peter.

At the food stall, Peter didn't seem to be aware of the danger at all. He was at ease.

He had to have a full stomach. Without it, he wouldn't have enough strength to fight. Peter had no intention of maltreating himself.

Black Rasetsu and Liam were people who had experienced a lot in the battlefield. They knew the importance of having a good mentality when entering the battle. They were also at ease, relaxed almost, as if they weren't planning to kill Robin that night.

At one point, Peter picked up a roasted chicken leg. Just as he was about to bite it, his expression quickly changed. He pounced at Black Rasetsu and Liam.

"Get down!" Peter lowered them harshly.

Black Rasetsu and Liam were both shocked. Their backs bent from Peter's push. The three of them all ducked.

Bang! Bang!

The moment they fell down, two sounds of gunshots rang.

The food stall was infiltrated with the bullets. A few glass bottles shattered from the impact, scattering the debris everywhere.

"Sniper?" Peter wondered aloud. Black Rasetsu's expressio


"Wow, I didn't know Robin had so much planned for me. I'm flattered." Peter laughed darkly, his eyes growing dark as he glared at the men surrounding him.

He could tell from one glance that these people were not going to go down easily.

They had clearly gone through rigorous training. They looked very experienced in the battlefield, and they looked extremely merciless.

Although their moves looked very ordinary, Peter could tell that it was just a front to distract him.


The blade pierced through the air, mimicking the sound of a strong wind as it headed straight for Peter. Peter stared it down, already planning an exit strategy.

All of them were prepared to attack immediately.

Peter grinned fiendishly. He crouched down slightly and used the weight to flip himself over in order to miss the saber.

He dodged the saber effortlessly. His feet landed right into the chests of two men.

The two men were shocked but they tried to react quickly. They raised their sabers to hit Peter.

A the same time, the other men also hacked down towards Peter from the other side

without pausing, or the slightest indignation.

Their coordination was extremely calculated. They didn't even need a moment to think about a different strategy.

Judging from their high skill level, it didn't seem like it was their first time for an ambush-murder.

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