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   Chapter 242 Before The Fight

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 7394

Updated: 2019-04-20 00:13

Peter walked upstairs to where Bella was.

He knocked on the door before entering the room.

However, when he opened the door, he was startled by what he saw.

Bella was sitting on the corner of her bed, her palm stretched out on the mattress. It was like she was waiting for Peter.

"Oh, Bella. I'm so tired! Let's go to bed." Peter yawned as he approached her and the bed.

He thought Bella would not be furious with him if he tried to look tired. After all, he had been through a few gruesome hours.

His plan was about to fail in front of him.

Once Peter was nearby, Bella raised her leg and kicked him harshly on his stomach.

"Tired, huh? Then go sleep with your mistresses outside! Leave me alone," Bella spat at him coldly.

She was upset with Peter right now. "Peter, you sure have balls! I haven't seen you for just a few days and you've suddenly bought a villa! How dare you invite so many women to live with you! You're disgusting!"

She was obviously jealous. However, she wouldn't admit herself of that.

"You've got everything wrong, Bella! You know I only love you!" Peter tried to explain as he reached for Bella's irresistible, soft legs.

"Bella, those girls are just my friends. They're not my girlfriends, at all. Come on. Don't be mad. Are you jealous?"

Peter's hands worked its way up her knees, fingers massaging her thighs. When his calloused hands reached her hip, he gripped it tightly, but not painfully. He smiled sweetly at her, in an attempt to persuade her. 'I've missed her body. She's so attractive!' he thought quietly.

Bella's cheeks turned bright red. She squirmed under Peter's touch.

She really wanted to push Peter away, but his grip on her started to get tighter.

"I am not jealous! You think I care about who you want to sleep with? That has nothing to do with me! So let me go! I will get angry," Bella screamed at him.

Peter only smirked. He just had to try harder.

"You can't do that. I'm not letting you go. I only love you. Why can't you believe me?" Peter didn't release his grip as he eyed her legs lustfully.

His other hand went back to graze her thigh. He couldn't resist. He tried to spread her legs open by moving up

me. Both of you will just be in the way. Just wait for me here."

He wouldn't tell them, but he was touched that they wanted to help him. However, he didn't want them to get involved. He didn't want Robin to hurt them.


When Peter finished talking, Liam threw a knife on the floor and retorted, "If you won't let me come with you, then I'll go after Robin myself. I can kill him."

"Yes, if you don't allow us to come with you, we can kill Robin by ourselves," Black Rasetsu quipped beside Liam.

Peter was dumbstruck at their forwardness.

He sighed. There was no point in refusing anymore. He nodded slowly. "Very well. You can come. But let's have dinner first."

Black Rasetsu and Liam grinned at one another, excited from Peter's decision.

They had dinner later that night.

Apart from that, Peter asked Black Rasetsu to relay the news that Robin was about to die that evening.

Robin was filled with rage when he heard the warning. He arranged snipers around his house. He believed that Peter had no chance of killing him now.

Their strained relationship attracted the general public's attention.

Word spread quickly. They knew a big show was about to start tonight.

They were extremely curious about what the result of the fight would be. 'Can Peter really kill Robin? Or will it be the other way around?

Is Peter really serious about killing Robin? Robin is a member of the most powerful family in the country, ' they thought.

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