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   Chapter 241 Peter's In Trouble

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"Peter, are you really going to kill Robin? Robin's from the Song family. If you kill him, the Song family will take action. Things will get out of control. The consequences will be too grave! Nobody will be able to save you then. Not even me."

Amelia stared at Peter with a serious expression, as they walked away from North City Prison.

Before Peter could answer, Dora pouted and complained, "Amelia, do you really believe him? He's just bragging! He wouldn't dare to do it. Don't tell me you're stupid enough to believe him?"

Dora just couldn't believe that Peter would really kill Robin at all.

Who did he think Robin was? Robin was a beloved member of the Song family. To kill an heir of the Song family was nothing like killing an ordinary nobleman!

"Hmph!" Peter was unsatisfied after hearing Dora's words. "What did you say? Do I look like a person who's just all talking? So what if I kill Robin? Would you be my girlfriend if I do it? Would you dare venture into that?"

"B-Be your girlfriend?" Dora was stunned for a second. But then, she smirked and challenged him, "It's a deal, then. Who am I to say no, anyway? As long as you're sure that you're prepared to have me as your girlfriend."

Dora turned to Amelia and said, "Amelia, did you just witness that? Peter flirted with me in front of you. He's such a bad boy, isn't he? You have to punish him!

Once you return home, let him kneel down and beg for your forgiveness. Let him promise that he won't do it again! He's bound to cheat on you one day. And who knows, he could be cheating on you with me!" Dora grinned, appreciating the power she had over the two of them.


Just as soon as she finished making fun of them, Peter slapped her ass hard and squeezed.

'Such a naughty girl! You expect me to kneel down and beg?' Peter thought annoyingly.


Dora cried out from the stinging pain. Her face turned flushed red from embarrassment.

She didn't expect Peter to be bold enough to do that in front of Amelia, since all this time she was under the assumption that Amelia was his true girlfriend.

The pain from the slap still stung. She was furious and upset. She didn't know how to react.

"What? You think I did something wrong? You want me to slap the other side then?" Peter smirked upon seeing Dora's angry expression. He couldn't stop teasing her.

Dora was furious.

Peter was being such a jerk!

What an asshole!

"Enough! Stop that now, you two!" Amelia was at the brink of snapping. They weren't done escaping from danger; how could the

mmanded. She grabbed her coat and was about to leave.

Brandon was startled because of Bella's anger. Staring at her retreating figure, he immediately came to his senses. He rushed to her in haste and asked, "Wait! Where are you going?"

"Hire someone to kill Robin! Hire another one to break into the prison!" Bella answered harshly.

Everyone, including Brandon, were shocked and speechless from her answer.

Suddenly, the door of the villa opened. A man poked his head in to peek inside.

"Hey guys! What are you doing here? Is there a meeting? Should I just let you guys continue? I can come back later."

The people inside were surprised. They had no time for another random person to interfere.

But once they looked at the person, all their faces started to beam. "It's Peter! It's Peter! Oh Peter, you've finally come back!" one of them exclaimed.

"Boss, thank God you're safe! We've been worried about you!" said another.

"Peter, I knew it! I knew you were okay! Thank God!" screamed another.

The crowd inside screamed with joy. They all stood up and rushed to welcome Peter.

Bella was finally relieved after she saw Peter. However, she was still pretty upset. She glared at him, sneered, and turned to go upstairs without saying a word.

Peter looked at Bella, confused. What happened to her?

Brandon covered his mouth and sniggered.

"Hey, bro. Bella found out about your secret mistress. You better figure out how you could explain it to her. Or maybe just ask for forgiveness?"

Peter was stunned.

How was Bella even able to find this place? Shit! He really was in trouble now.

He sighed for his bad luck and braced himself for the worst, walking upstairs.

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