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   Chapter 240 Discharged From Prison

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 6593

Updated: 2019-04-19 00:13

"Challenging police authorities? Breaking out of prison? Attacking men in uniform? Those are serious and unfounded accusations," Peter chuckled. "I have questions for you. First, when did you see me challenge police authorities? Second, when did you see me break out of prison? Last, when did you see me attack men in uniform?

Please cut the bullshit. You obviously do not know what you're talking about. Besides, I am not a criminal, so you'd better watch your mouth!"

Peter said as he glared at him.

The warden filled with rage. He pointed at Peter with his whole body trembling.

"I don't know what I'm talking about? How dare you! Well then, tell me, why are you not in your room? What are you doing here? If you were not planning to attack my men, why do you have a gun? What are they doing lying on the ground right now?

We all know what you were planning to do. Not even your inside backers can help you get your way!"

It was obvious that the warden was implying that Amelia was Peter's source of insider help.

Amelia said nothing but looked at them coldly.

Peter laughed. "Get my way? Are you kidding me?

You say I have a gun with me. Are you referring to this?" Peter said as he lifted the gun and pointed it at the warden.

The warden's expression changed

and so did those of the other police officers. The surrounding officers took their guns out and pointed them at Peter. "What do you think you're doing? Drop your weapon!"

Even Amelia looked nervous. 'What is this bastard doing? He can't kill the warden right now!' she thought.

Then, Peter pulled the trigger.


The warden fell to the ground as he covered his head with his hands. He was so scared that he almost wet himself!

'Son of a bitch! How dare he shoot at me in front of so many people!' he thought to himself.

Suddenly, he felt odd. Why didn't it hurt? He also realized that the gunshot sound was quite unusual.

Slowly looking up, he saw the stun

! What a waste!"

he roared angrily as he broke everything he could in the room.

Peter was acquitted and was able to leave North City Prison unscathed! Robin felt so humiliated.

He knew a lot of powerful men and they all helped him keep tabs on Peter, and yet, they were outsmarted again.

"Relax, Mr. Song. Peter is nothing. He comes from nothing and he is still nothing. I can kill him."

A soothing voice coming from the bed seemed to calm his nerves. A woman pulled herself up to sit.

She was naked and her porcelain skin was fully exposed.

Her red lips oozed with sensuality and her eyes were like black holes that devoured anyone's soul if you looked at them too deeply.

It was clear that she was a dangerous woman.

"Thank you, Heidy. I feel so mad and humiliated. This guy just keeps outsmarting me,"

Robin said as he embraced her. This made him feel so much better.

Heidy was one of the Song family's guests. One look would confirm that she had a reputation of being a femme fatale.

She was forty but she looked twenty years younger.

It seemed as if she never aged ever since she arrived at the Song family's manor a dozen of years ago.

It was said that Heidy was once the most well-known assassin in the city. But that was a long time ago and many had forgotten her.

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