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   Chapter 239 A Trap

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 7659

Updated: 2019-04-19 00:03

"Peter, relax! What are you doing? The warden won't shoot you," one of the men said.

"Yeah, he's kidding. Don't take it too seriously," another confirmed.

Jerome and his companions hurriedly calmed Peter down and removed his hand from the gun.

What he did was not safe. A small accident could have ended his life.

"Hmmm," the warden sighed with relief when Peter put his hand down. He groaned and then took his weapon away

before taking his leave. 'This guy is crazy. I might be disgraced if I stay here any longer, ' he thought.

"Son of a bitch!" Peter muttered with disdain as he followed Jerome and the others to his cell.

The turbulence ended for now.

Soon, it was breakfast time. Peter followed Jerome and the others to the cafeteria.

Upon seeing Peter, the prisoners backed up. They did not stand on his way.

Even the prisoners on queue stepped aside as they feigned a smile.

"Peter, you first, you first," they offered.

Peter looked at them, embarrassed. 'Do I look like a bad guy? I don't intend to cut in front of anyone in line, ' Peter thought.

The prisoners insisted, though. They refused to eat until Peter had taken his meal. Peter scratched his head. Despite his apprehension, he conceded.

He then found a table and sat down after getting his meal. Immediately, the people around it dispersed. It seemed that no one wanted to take up space in his close proximity.

'Am I that horrible? Why do people seem to hate me so much?' Peter thought but said nothing. He wanted badly to look at himself in the mirror. 'What the hell have I become?'

After dinner, Peter left with Jerome.

Then, three prison guards arrived and approached.

"We need to talk to Peter alone. Do you mind?" One of the prison guards stepped forward and said to Jerome.

"Uh," Jerome opened his mouth awkwardly. He did not know what to say. What the guards asked for was obviously against the rules but he also feared that declining would be suspicious. Besides, who knew what they would do to Peter?

Just as Jerome was about to respond, Peter replied for him. "Sure, let's go," he said.

Peter was tired of the suspense. He wanted to see what these men wanted to do to him and get it over with.

"Be careful," Jerome said behind gritted teeth when

I'll go," Peter said. As he said this, he quietly took a needle out with his left hand and pricked the prison guard.

He let out a soft cry and immediately, the gun fell out from his hand.

"What have you done? How dare you attack a policeman?" the other two guards shouted. Their eyes widened and they took out their own guns quickly, ready to pull the trigger at Peter.

"Oh, I didn't do anything." Peter hurried to raise his hands in panic. The moment he did, the two prison guards fell down without warning.

"Someone is trying to escape! He attacked policemen!" Just then, the warden rushed in with a group of guards.

Seeing this, Peter immediately grabbed the bodies of the two prison guards. He pretended to be supporting them but he was actually hiding behind them.

"Something bad happened. These prison guards had a stroke. Send them to the hospital at once," Peter immediately said when he saw the warden.

The warden and the guards were at a loss. Peter then found that among them were Amelia and Dora.

Seeing them made him feel relieved.

The warden, however, was fuming with rage. "How dare you try to escape! How dare you attack my men! You are really provoking the police force, aren't you?"

he accused.

Peter was near the back door and had a gun on his hand. Two policemen lay at his feet and one was injured.

The evidence against him was too strong. The warden was sure that there was nothing he could do to get out of this now.

'Even Amelia would not be able to protect him!'

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