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   Chapter 238 A Dilemma

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 6998

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Sounds of screams and gunshots filled the air as several prisoners met their doom in the midst of the chaos.

Peter stayed calm, dodging bullets left and right.

"Son of a bitch! Do you think you can escape? Let's see how many bullets you can dodge!"

the men with the guns shouted angrily as they continued shooting and accelerated their pace to catch him.

The commotion took too much attention already. The authorities must be on their way. Once they arrived, killing Peter would be close to impossible.

As expected, an orderly sound of footsteps introduced a large group of prison guards. They stared at the five shooters grimly and pointed their guns at them.

Their leader, the warden, shouted furiously, "Stop! All of you! What is going on there? Are you planning a rebellion?"

He looked around at the mess of blood and bodies. He trembled with rage.

The five men stood frozen when the prison guards arrived. But in a few seconds, they made a decision that made all hell break loose.

"Kill them!" the leader among the shooters shouted at his men.

In a split second, two of the shooters had their guns held against the prison guards as the other three resumed shooting at Peter.

They were determined to kill Peter even at the expense of risking their own lives.

The warden was infuriated. He lowered his body and dodged as he commanded the guards to shoot them.

'Are they insane?

They are severely outnumbered! These troublemakers have a death wish!' thought the warden.

The shooting was brutal. Several guards died as their skulls and heads were shot open. Some were shot so badly they were hardly recognizable.

The five shooters also found themselves in a precarious situation. While two were able to find a safe place to hide, the three were not as lucky. They were taken down only a few minutes into the skirmish.

"Stay back! Don't come any closer! Otherwise, I'll shoot!" one man threatened to the warden.

"You're in trouble too. I know you will be punished if more people die on your watch. If you don't want this to get worse, have your

Peter is not a criminal,"

said one man. "Yes, he was set up. He is an innocent man!" another man added.

They knew that helping Peter would offend the warden but they could not find it in themselves to do otherwise.

Even though they were prison guards, they were also public servants. True to their police badges, it was their responsibility to speak up for the truth.

Peter's demeanor, in addition to Jerome and his men's good words, was something that the warden did not expect.

He was too angry to say a word. What were they doing? They were challenging his authority!

He glared at Peter hatefully. "Listen up! I don't care why you are here or whether or not you are innocent! As long as you are jailed in this prison, you must behave yourself and obey me!

I will spare you now. But if you dare to do it again, I will shoot you myself! I promise!"

the warden said as he pointed his gun at Peter's head.

He couldn't permit anyone to challenge his authority. What was even more troublesome with the chaos was that he would need to have everything cleaned up. All because of this guy, Peter! This was why he hated him so much.

Peter's face turned cold as he faced the cold metal gun.

Slowly, he grabbed the barrel and brought it up to his temple. "Go, do it," Peter said.

The warden was stunned and his expression turned sullen. He found himself in a dilemma.

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