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   Chapter 237 Frantic Gunfire

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 7596

Updated: 2019-04-18 00:03

"Kill him! Kill him, I say!"

"Go on!"

"He's trying to make a fool out of us. We have to kill him!"

The warning sounds of gunshots did not frighten the criminals, but instead it only fueled their anger more.

Some of them ran over to where Peter was, eyes flashing red from fury.

They couldn't stand the thought that they were under Peter's control.

Suddenly, the square was filled with the sound of shouting. There was a loud barrage of gunshots and heavy footsteps resonating in the area.

The square was in utter chaos!

Everything was in shambles.

Peter looked on coldly, ignoring the incoming criminals, as he grabbed the barstool beside him with one hand and hurled it towards two young men with all his might.

Bang! Bang!

The two men flew from his sheer force. He grabbed one of them mid-air, shifted his grip on his collar and undershirt, and threw him towards a group of criminals.

The two men weighed well over four hundred pounds! The men nearly broke their bones from the contact.

"Kill me, you say? I will show you guys how weak you really are!" Peter laughed. He refused to back down. He coolly walked to the side, picking up two parts of the broken stool from the ground. He turned to face the criminals ahead of him.

He was growing tired of this routine.

If these people were intent on killing him, he was going to kill them first.

The prison guards and civilians were all dumbfounded by the events unfolding in front of them.

Was he out of his mind to just rush towards two hundred people?

There was no time left to think. Peter gripped onto the metal rods from the stool and rushed towards the criminals in an instant.

Blood splattered all over the concrete floor.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Several clashing sounds resonated inside the prison as the criminals flew from the blast, blood spurting out from their mouths and noses. What followed afterwards was the gruelling sounds of pain.

Peter turned his head to dodge the attacks of the prisoners. He swung the chair leg with his right hand. When he turned his wrist, several prisoners were sent flying. The rod broke itself into two from the impact.

"He's unarmed now. Let's go and kill him!!"

The prisoners had been frightened of Peter's valiant

ckly. He roared from frustration and pulled the trigger once more. "Fuck, you're still running, huh? I'll kill you!"


Shots were fired consecutively; all targeted at Peter.

Peter dodged the attack. He was boiling from sheer anger. The flames of his anger in his heart soared.

He could have never imagined that this prisoner would be so crazy to even kill a prison guard and steal his gun?

No matter how angry he was, he had no other choice but to hide.

The prisoner was out of his mind. The bullets sounded like a loud clap of thunder, pressuring him so hard that he wasn't able to fight back.

A couple of prison guards tried to subdue him. He slid his hands by their waists and gripped their weapons from their sides. He used this momentum to kick the guards away from him.

Everything was in utter chaos.

Countless prisoners were starting to run away.

Then came five fierce men from the shadows, with spears equipped in their hands. As they ran after Peter, they took their guns and fired at him as well.

It was clear that they were all Robin's men, who were under orders to kill Peter.

As Peter looked at the fallen prisoners and prison guards, with all their blood spread out surrounding him, his rage seemed to boil even more.

These people were too arrogant and lawless for this world.

He ran in zigzag, dodging the bullets quickly while thinking of a countermeasure.

He had to have a plan soon. He wouldn't be able to survive if he didn't think of one quickly.

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