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   Chapter 236 A Riot On The Ground

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 6022

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Six men attacked Peter without thinking twice.

They were all known to be dangerous killers in the crime world.

Peter was ready. He responded with his own attack as soon as he was surrounded.

He could tell that the men had been working together for a long time.

Quickly, the battle ensued.

The six men were very coordinated and they worked effectively as a team.

'Clearly, they know what they are doing, ' Peter realized.

He gravely underestimated them.

Their performance shocked him.

'I have to do something!

If they retreat, the two hundred prisoners will surround me and put me in danger!' he thought to himself.

This was a risk that he could not afford.

He wanted so badly to teach these men a lesson.

Distress turned to rage when Peter caught himself having thoughts of cowardice.

"Son of a bitch! Go to hell!" he screamed.

A man at the front attacked, but Peter quickly deflected and returned an attack of his own.

Grinning, the man moved aside as his companion, right on queue, proceeded to throw a subsequent attack at Peter.

Then, all at the same time, the six men started to close in on him.

They wanted Peter to surrender

but he did just the opposite.

He thrashed and resisted even harder.

This stunned the men. They did not expect Peter to react that way.

'What is this guy doing? Is he crazy? Does he want to die?' one of the men thought.

This made him feel scared. Ignoring the hesitation, he felt from his gut. The young man charged at Peter

as his companions, likewise, fought with even more intensity.

They were determined to kill Peter. Frankly, they could not care less about their partners. Fulfilling the mission was paramount.

A few minutes into the skirmish, Peter grinned as everything came together in his

his anger, Peter kicked them hard, knocking them out one after the other.

As for Black Bear and Blaze, it was a nightmare. Unable to move, the other prisoners' bodies piled on top of them.

Their weight pressed down on the two incapacitated prison leaders

as they lay helplessly on the ground.

They screamed but there was nothing else that they could do. Chaos was everywhere.

Peter took it all in with satisfaction. Then, he grabbed the sticks that the other prisoners used as weapons and charged at his remaining foes.

In panic, the prisoners struggled to stand up

but to no avail. They screamed in pain as Peter's blows were thrown at them.

Black Bear and Blaze lay under the pile of their fallen comrades. No one knew if they were still alive or not.

Finally, Peter smiled admiring his work. He then turned back and walked towards the two skilled men.

They both knew what Peter was about to do. Instead of begging for mercy, they attacked.

Peter grinned.

He picked up one of the heavy sticks around him and proceeded to charge at them as well.

Suddenly, a loud cracking sound boomed from the skies.

They were guns. And then, silence. Everyone was stunned.

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