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   Chapter 235 A Solo Fight With A Group Of Felons

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 6884

Updated: 2019-04-17 00:03

Peter felt overwhelmed.

He was faced with more than two hundred prisoners who were once prominent fighters in the world of crime.

Peter had to back off a little when they started to come together.

"Fuck you!"

Peter shouted as he fled from the shackles delivering a nasty kick.

He hit a man squarely on the chest and sent him flying back like a sandbag, knocking down dozens of men behind him.

Then, Peter hit another man's head which made him fall unconscious before jolting away as fast as he could.

Blocking his escape, though, a huge number of prisoners were running right at him.

Peter took a weapon from his waist. It was the weapon of the man that tried to assassinate him the night before! Peter held it and started stabbing at the prisoners who were unfortunate enough to be at close proximity.

Nobody expected Peter to have a weapon.

Blood splashed and screams of pain filled the air as three men felt their chests cut open.

The group behind him kept approaching wielding large wooden sticks as their weapons.

Peter did not plan to waste more time. He charged and incapacitated two prisoners at the front lines and proceeded to run away.

He left a bloody path behind him but he had no choice.

This was the most dangerous situation he had ever been in, even when he was still the Soldier King.

"Kill him! Don't let him escape! Whoever gets to hurt him will get a carton of cigarettes! Whoever gets to kill him will have cigarettes and wine every day!"

Black Bear and Blaze shouted madly as they saw Peter running away. They didn't expect Peter to be able to escape!

In prison, wine and cigarettes were difficult to get. Access to those every day was considered a luxury.

Hearing about the reward, the prisoners became even more determined to catch Peter.

After committing unpardonable crimes, they knew that they had no chance of ever getting out of prison. Killing did not daunt them.

"Fuck you! Son of a bitch! Wine and cigarettes? Why don't you just give them women? You want to kill me? In you

They stood still, unsure of what to do.

After five minutes, Black Bear and Blaze started to get anxious.

If they failed to kill Peter in the next five minutes, they would fail the mission completely.

The hitmen who hid among the prisoners were disappointed.

They intended to stay hidden, but it looked like the two prison leaders were not capable of killing Peter themselves.

The hitmen came out of hiding and sprang after Peter.

They surpassed the crowds of prisoners as they ran.

Peter grinned.

They finally took action.

He avoided being surrounded to avoid the hidden hitmen's expert attacks. Now that he could see them out in the open, it would be easier for him to finish them together.

Peter slowed as he formulated his plan.

In a few seconds, he was surrounded by the six men.

They stared at Peter and watched his every move. Their eyes blazed with fury.

Peter was strong and they did not make the mistake of underestimating him. They were ready to go all out.

Peter felt their anger and it invigorated him.

For the longest time, he had not been able to face opponents as reputable as them. It sent his heart racing.

In arrogance, Peter pointed two fingers at them.

"Come on. Losers!

Fight me together! Don't disappoint me!" he said.


Peter's words were explosive. It felt like a bomb just went off.

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