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   Chapter 234 Black Bear and Blaze Ji In The Prison

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 8107

Updated: 2019-04-16 00:13

Heads turned as soon as Peter showed up.

The prisoners looked at Peter

like a pack of hungry wild animals staring at their prey.

Their fearsome glance was enough to intimidate an ordinary guy.

The eight prison guards grasped their weapons firmly as sweat ran down their foreheads. They glanced around in an attempt to look threatening to the criminals.

The last thing they wanted was for the prisoners to charge at Peter and come at him at all costs. That would spell a lot of trouble.

Peter continued to walk solemnly and at a leisurely pace. His face showed no signs of distress.

His gaze candidly swept through his surroundings, casually glancing both sides.

There were more than a hundred prisoners to the left, but an air of superiority radiated from a seemingly ordinary middle-aged man. He was Blaze Ji, a gay man that dominated the cells on the south side of the prison.

About the same number of prisoners stood at the other side. They were led by a vicious bald man, Black Bear. He reigned over the cells on the north side.

When he met his gaze, Blaze Ji gave Peter a seemingly demure smile. His eyes, though, blazed with a fire that was impossible to ignore.

Black Bear just raised his middle finger as he grinned when Peter's eyes landed on him.

Peter made his way through the groups of prisoners with a serious expression on his face.

Neither Black Bear nor Blaze Ji scared him. What concerned him more were the men behind them blending in with the prisoners.

Despite their flawless disguise, Peter felt their unusual strength.

"It looks like Robin really put in a lot of money to kill me. This is getting interesting," Peter murmured. Escorted by the eight prison guards, Peter sat on a corner, closed his eyes, and started to rest.

The eight prison guards stood like iron towers. They watched over Peter and glanced sharply at their surroundings.

It would look like they were making sure that he did not escape but in reality, they were protecting him.

In their presence, neither Black Bear nor Blaze Ji would dare attack him.

They played with ideas on how to go about their end goal but eventually backed down for the time being.

There was no need to hurry. The timing was not yet right.

Prisoners continued to flock in until the square was almost full.

Crowds of prisoners gathered together.


A loud voice from the sound system got everyo


As he saw the two criminals approaching, Peter beat at his handcuffs and did everything he could to remove them.

He succeeded and turned it into a weapon.

As if he were wielding a nunchaku, he waved the shackles above his head

in anticipation of his approaching opponents.

Clank! Clank!

In two strokes, the two criminals were sent

flying back towards the other prisoners, as if they were hit by massive sports cars.

This shocked Black Bear and Blaze Ji.

Peter's easy escape from the handcuffs was something that they did not expect!

Moreover, he just threw out two men that weighed about two hundred kilos as if they were ragdolls. What incredible strength did this man possess?

"Everone! Kill him!" Black Bear boomed.

"Kill him!" Blaze Ji's instruction followed.

Both leaders did not hesitate to give the order anymore.

They only had ten minutes to accomplish their mission. Else, they would


They initially thought that with Peter's hands tied, the mission was a piece of cake.

With the odds changing, they could not afford to waste time anymore.

The prisoners set their sights on killing Peter as their leaders said the words.

One by one, they rushed at him madly like rabid animals.

The murderous looks on their faces were terrifying!

Their grunts made it easy to imagine hell.

Over two hundred criminals came charging at Peter. What an unspeakably terrifying sight!

The other prisoners in the vicinity watched in horror.

There was going to be a riot. A real one!

Possibly even the biggest riot in the history of North City Prison!

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