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   Chapter 233 Exercise Outside

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 7564

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The man in black didn't enter the room right away. Instead, he stood by the door and blew smoke into the cell. The smoke was drugged. Anyone who inhaled it was sure to fall asleep immediately.

He waited. Seeing that Peter did not seem to budge, he decided it was safe to come in.


He opened the door and went to Peter quietly.



Peter snored, oblivious to the impending danger.

The man grinned.

He didn't expect to finish the task so easily.

'People say that he is a skilled fighter. I beg to disagree. This is easier than I thought. This man isn't as strong as they say he is.'

The man took out a sharp knife and immediately drove it into Peter's chest.

It was a sharp shove.

However, in a few seconds, his expression changed.

Fingers clamped his knife, stopping his attack.

Somehow, Peter managed to turn back and react.

The man panicked as he tried to drive the knife down harder. To his surprise, he could not budge. It felt impossible to push his knife down.

It felt immovable despite his best efforts.

He poured in all his strength but the feat remained impossible.

"What are you doing? You're having trouble wounding me, aren't you? Are you surprised?" Peter asked, grinning.

The man's expression changed dramatically when he heard Peter's voice.

He threw a punch at him reflexively.

He was determined to kill Peter and he knew that he had a clear advantage because Peter was cuffed.

"Why didn't you answer my question? Are you mad?" Peter said calmly as he threw the knife up.

As soon as it flew up, Peter grabbed it and threw it at the man.


The knife tore through the air and wounded the man's fist.

He screamed as his hand bled.

"Go to hell!" he yelled in pain. Then, he jumped up and raised his right leg, ready to give Peter a hard kick.

Peter sneered. He took the knife back and with all his strength, threw it towards the man's body.

As soon as the man saw the weapon, he redirected his kick towards it, forcing it away.

Peter turned over and jumped off the bed to avoid the man's impending attack. Then he looked at him with disdain and laughed.

"Do you work for Robin? Did he tell you how skilled I am? Even Ronald is no match for m

ere about to teach you a lesson. If you get into trouble, you can run towards the officers. No one would dare beat you up in front of the officers.

Here're the keys for your handcuffs and shackles. Open them if you need to. Also, here's a knife. Be careful and protect yourself."

Then, he returned to his regular monitoring, quickly turning his back against Peter.

"No, thank you. I don't need that," Peter said.

He was deeply moved by Jerome's concern. He was aware that if anyone found out, Jerome would be punished.

He returned the keys and the knife. He felt like he didn't need them. Peter was confident that he could handle himself. He also didn't want to risk getting Jerome in trouble.

"Peter, we will escort you out, but we will have to leave you after since we'll be given orders,"

said the other officers as they went up to Peter.

Although they knew that there was a trap outside, they could do nothing to help Peter.

"Thank you very much. Don't worry. I'll be fine. Let's go." Peter smiled at them reassuringly as he followed them out.

Outside prison was a spacious place. A platform stood in the middle where leaders stayed. There was also a small stage where prisoners would do their performances.

Shows were sometimes arranged here to entertain the prisoners.

Prison officers stood at the area's perimeter holding guns. They were tasked to maintain order.

When Peter showed up followed by the eight prison officers, a large number of prisoners gathered.

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