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   Chapter 232 The First Night

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Jerome was completely stunned from Peter's abrupt action.

He thought Peter would have had to make some preparations at first, but on the contrary, Peter acted without even the slightest hesitation.

Peter's move was so fast that Jerome didn't even realize that there was already a needle right under his belly.

Shock came first, then a twinge of pain, followed by a surge of heat. However, once Jerome started to get used to the intrusion, he suddenly felt a surprising comfort.

But just as he was getting used to it, Peter quickly pulled the needle back out of him.

"Hey! What are you doing!

Don't move!

We will shoot you!"

the policemen exclaimed anxiously. They were simply in awe of Peter's quick hands that they started to scramble. They didn't know what to do to contain Peter, and he was simply just moving out of his own volition.

"Why are you being so damn noisy? Can't you see I'm curing him? Jeez!" Peter barked, annoyed. He reached for the liquor bottle on the table, gulped one down, and turned to look at Jerome.

"You're all cured now, but remember to practice moderation. Less masturbation, and less Viagra. Eat more nutritious meals. You don't want the trouble to come back, do you?"

Jerome, after a few minutes of silence and shock, started to grin. "T-Thank you! You're a lifesaver!"

He was sure to find some time to watch a "movie" later that night. He wanted to see if he could get an erection again.

The other policemen were all genuinely surprised to see how excited Jerome was.

Peter merely stabbed him with a pin. Without an actual consummation, how could he be so sure that he had recovered already? What a sight to behold!

The two of them looked like they ran a two-man stand-up comedy show. If only they hadn't known Jerome for years.

"C-Could you help me, too?" Doug Zhang, who was infertile, realized that Peter could also cure his disease. He lowered his weapon and looked at Peter beseechingly.

Having problems on his cock and being infertile spelt great humiliation for men.

"Get me some more food, then I can help you later! I'm not even asking for too much. Just ten hamburgers, ten chicken rolls, and an iced cola would be good enough."

Peter said monotonously.

"O-Okay. No problem. I'll get them for you right now." Doug Zhang left without hesitating. He had completely forgot he was still on duty.

Thirty minutes later, Peter was surrounded by the policemen, all guns lowered, all listening intently.

"Bro, could you tell if there's any problem with me?"

"I always want to sleep more these days. Is there any problem with that?"

"Could you help me? I feel like I'm

ng at Bright sullenly.

Robin saw Peter as a thorn in his flesh. He would never give up until he pulled him all the way out. He would try just about anything to stop Peter's release, or to have him killed in the prison.

He was quite confident of his arrangements. Peter was sure to die in his hands. Bright Yi was supposed to be there to ensure that Peter remained dead.

Bright Yi, one of the local tyrants of Golden City, wasn't someone to underestimate, after all.

"Okay. Don't worry, Mr. Song. I have everything under control. Peter wouldn't be able to see tomorrow's sunrise!" Bright Yi said energetically.

He never took Peter seriously. Peter was something so insignificant to him that he resembled a small ant that could easily be trampled if Bright Yi felt like it.

This was a win-win situation. Killing Peter would also be a good chance to ride on Robin's coattails. He could make sure that his contribution now could fruit into a good investment the next time around.

Robin laughed. "Good. Great! Let's drink a toast for the coming good news. Cheers!"


At the North City Prison

Peter was absolutely oblivious to all the persons that mentioned his name that night. He was sleeping so deeply.

Outside his cell, only four policemen remained watching at night, while the other four were bent over the table, sound asleep.

Suddenly, a wisp of smoke flowed in. The four that were awake suddenly started to feel sleepy and groggy. They yawned as they shook their heads, eyes slowly closing. Eventually they collapsed onto the cold cement floor.

Afterwards, a shadow wrapped in a black robe ran past them.

He didn't spare a glance at the eight unconscious policemen, but darted until he was right in front of Peter's cell door.

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