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   Chapter 231 Infertility

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 7312

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"Men, let us gather our energy tonight. The enemy will be coming for us soon." "He's already killed over two hundred people including the elderly and children."

"He's even raped and pillaged the women of their village."

"Even the dead were not able to escape his cruelty."

"What a jerk! He's such a scumbag! He should be executed the minute he steps in here!"

The eight prison officers discussed in hushed whispers as they observed Peter.

They all started to question his intentions. 'He doesn't look like an ordinary man! He sure looks handsome. Why'd he do that? He doesn't look like a pervert at all.'

Suddenly, a sound of chains shackling resonated in the room.

They looked at Peter immediately.

Peter walked to the door of the jail room and beamed at them. "Man, I'm a little hungry. Can I have some food around here?"

"Food? No! Stay hungry!" one of the officers screamed at Peter.

'You're a jackass! You don't even deserve to be fed!' He had every intention to make Peter feel like he was in hell. 'He better rot to death in there, ' they all thought in unison.

"Come on, I'm really hungry. I can smell the pot-roast you're having over there! Can't I have some of that?" Peter tried to plead, but his sinister tone betrayed him. He looked at the officers with an evil smile. "Just a tiny bite? I'll pay all of you back when I get out. You should know: I'm a rich man!"

"Get out?" The officer sneered at Peter's audacity, wondering where he found the guts to even bribe them. 'Are you fucking kidding me? You've killed so many people! You are a murderer and rapist! I'll make sure you won't get out of jail.'

"Man, are you sweating? You don't look too good! I can see that you're starting to get a little sallow there. Your cheeks look a little sunken too. You are feeling tired all the time? Go see a doctor! If you don't go to hospital, your cock wouldn't be able to function like it normally does. That's pretty big trouble!"

Peter teased.

The officer was speechless after his little tirade, his mouth hanging open from shock.

It was his largest secret! Even his best friend didn't know anything about that. How could someone like Peter

were. Peter looked at the other officers.

"Hey, all of you. Come over. Let's have dinner together. Settle down. I'm handcuffed, remember? I wouldn't be able to escape even if I wanted to. Come!"

Peter said as he started biting the chicken leg.

They were speechless from his obnoxious attitude. 'What a damn bastard! You're stuck in jail!' 'Why does he keep acting like he's on a damn vacation?' they thought.

The second officer asked, "Hey. You told me I am infertile. Were you telling the truth?" Peter scoffed.

He took the other chicken leg and bit from it calmly. The officers refused to lower their guns.

"You've already had children. You don't need to ask that," Peter replied with a smile.

"I... I was lying. My wife couldn't get pregnant," the officer replied, embarrassed. He looked down at his feet, afraid of his colleagues' judging glances.

"She's not pregnant?" Peter beamed. "Then you should be happy. At least you know she didn't cheat on you."

The officer balled his hand into a fist, but said nothing.

Jerome Zhang came back with a handful of needles and splayed them on the table where Peter sat.

Peter slowly picked one of the needles as he chewed his food. He looked at Jerome Zhang with a grin, before stabbing the needle into his body.

The other officers was all shocked. After they came to their senses, they started to panic.

'This son of a bitch! What is he doing?' 'Is he trying to kill him?'

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