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   Chapter 230 The North City Prison

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 8974

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Cassie came up to Peter and looked at him inquisitively. Something mysterious was hidden in his eyesight. She couldn't figure it out.

Taking a closer look at him, she realized that Peter's handcuffs had been unlocked.

That made her question him even more, 'This bastard, how can he turn so cold from one moment to another? Was he just pretending because of Jonathan?'

Cassie decided to keep her thoughts to herself and simply indicated she was ready to take Peter away.

With Jonathan behind her, it was not the right time for any inquiries. Under normal circumstances, she would have teased Peter but this time she decided not to.

Jonathan had been keeping his eyes on Peter since he came in, checking for anything unusual in his behavior. A huge sense of relief was growing inside him as Peter seemed to be acting normally.

The moment Cassie pulled Peter up from the chair and was about to leave the interrogation room, Jonathan suddenly shut the door.


The sound of slamming door resonated across the room.


Just as the door was shut, Cassie screamed.

Then Jonathan saw Cassie falling down.

As Jonathan saw this, a savage of smile flashed on his eyes. He took out his gun.

"How do you dare shoot a policeman and try to escape?! Go to hell!" Jonathan shouted directing his gun towards Peter. With no more time to think, he pulled the trigger immediately.


The sound of his gunfire rang out louder in the interrogation room.

In spite of that, Peter's reflexes were quicker than the bullet.

"You..." mumbled Jonathan in surprise. Questions upon questions invaded his mind, 'Was Peter still hypnotized? How could he avoid the bullet in a hypnotized state?'

With a greatly amused expression, Peter called out, "Surprise! Oh, you didn't get it yet?" Peter rolled Cassie's body around, showing that she had no wounds. He then grinned at Jonathan victoriously.

"What the fuck! I knew Robin's people are actual criminals. You've been trying to set me up from the very beginning, diverting my attention and hypnotizing me to kill the policewoman.

You knew that would give you the perfect chance to shoot me afterward."

Impressed by his deduction skills, Jonathan remarked, "Fucking amazing! I have to admit I didn't expect this from you."

Peter finger-targeted Jonathan's nose and threatened him to stop messing around. His wide pupils and angry tone did not show even the slightest trace of hypnosis.

The only reason he had been pretending for so long was to figure out Jonathan's intentions, particularly which policeman he wanted him to kill. At the same time, he was constantly on alert, ready to counter any att

m that room were starting to spread out quickly, causing a huge commotion once again.

Nobody expected Peter's skills, both in figuring out the truth and in putting up such a fight.

At the sound of the news, Robin exploded into a rage frenzy and smashed his phone on the ground.

He never expected Jonathan to fail.

Under his command, Peter's case was going just as planned.

This time, Robin didn't need to send any of his men. The police staff responsible for Peter's case wouldn't interfere with his new plans.

After giving his statement, Peter found out that he was to be taken to the North City Prison.

At first thought, it didn't make any sense. He was not convicted, let alone sentenced. So he did not need to go to prison.

However, since there was no space in the Detention Center nor the reception room for him to lay low, he needed to stay in prison for a little while. Theoretically, there would be a separate room for him and no unfair treatment.

However, Peter was aware that Robin was in charge of his incarceration arrangements. Thus, none of the other policemen would dare to contest it.

At The North City Prison

It was the most notorious prison in Golden City and perhaps even in the country.

The prisoners there were all outlaws from the underground world. They were all extremely violent and merciless.

Obviously, Robin had no intention of letting Peter out alive since he arranged to send him there.

When Peter arrived at the North City Prison, he was shackled and locked in solitary confinement.

The tight space could make any person grow claustrophobic. Additionally, he remained chained and handcuffed, with eight policemen guarding his door.

It looked as if Peter were worse than any of the other criminal offenders there.

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