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   Chapter 229 Jonathan Lin

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Before Peter could ask the details, a man around thirty years of age followed Amelia and came in.

He was obviously a police officer based on the uniform that he was wearing.

"Peter, since I have been suspended, your case will have to be handed over to somebody else. This is Jonathan Lin, special police. He was delegated to handle your case.

No matter who is in charge, the police will handle your case justly and fairly. We will not let go of any criminals, and we won't do wrong to any innocent people, either. You need to trust the police,"

Amelia said to Peter.

She gave Peter two pieces of information. One was that she was suspended. Second, Jonathan Lin was Robin's man. Otherwise, why should they delegate a special police to solve this little case?

Amelia also informed Jonathan Lin of her stand with regard to Peter's case, that she would not let anyone treat Peter unjustly even if she was being excluded from his case.

Jonathan Lin's expression remained unchanged even after he heard Amelia's words.

Since he was tasked by Robin, he was prepared to face all the challenges, including Amelia.

Peter also stayed calm. He had expected this kind of situation already.

If Robin wanted to frame him, then Amelia could not be involved in the investigation.

Peter did not say anything, but nodded to Amelia, showing he understood everything.

"Okay. Then I'm leaving now. Mr. Lin will continue with the interrogation," said Amelia. Then she waved to Cassie and was ready to leave.

When she walked to the door, she suddenly turned around as if she remembered something. "By the way, the injury assessment report of Roy will be ready soon. I'll be there to check it for you."

She was telling both Peter and Jonathan Lin.

This was her way of telling them that she would keep a close eye on Roy. It would be impossible for anyone to meddle with Roy or on the report.

Peter felt relieved after he heard this.

He feared nothing more than Roy being murdered by Robin.

He was not afraid of being framed for murder, however, he did not want an innocent person to die because of him.

He knew Roy was a bad guy, but he did not deserve to die. Besides, even if Roy should be sentenced to the death penalty, Robin was not the judge.


The door closed. There were only Jonathan Lin and Peter left in the interrogation room.

"You are Peter Wang, right? Nice to meet you. I'm Jon

with Peter's answers.

He was suspicious of Peter's answer to his last question especially. But Peter was now into a trance, he had no reason not to believe his answer.

"Okay. Later I will give you the key so you could unlock your handcuffs. Then I will leave this room and return with another police.

The police will walk in front of me. After we come in, I will close the door. When you hear the door closing, I want you to take action and kill the police. Is that clear? The sound of the door closing is your signal to take action!"

Jonathan Lin stared at Peter and explained this slowly.

"Yes, sir. The sound of door closing is my signal. I need to kill the police! Closing door. Kill the police." Peter replied firmly, even though his face was still without any expression.

Jonathan Lin nodded with satisfaction. He stood on his feet, walked to Peter's side slowly and reached out his hand. At this moment, the key was placed quietly on the table.

Peter took the key carefully and unlocked his handcuffs. Jonathan Lin picked up the key from the table as if nothing happened. Everything was done so discreetly, nothing could be seen on the monitor. Then he left the interrogation room.

One minute.

Two minutes.

Three minutes.

Five minutes.

Peter sat still, expressionless.

Jonathan Lin observed Peter in the surveillance monitor. Then he smiled, contented.

He was convinced that Peter was indeed hypnotized.

No person could stay motionless for so long.

Ten minutes later. He walked back into the room. Walking in front of him was another police.

The police was Cassie.

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