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   Chapter 228 Peter's Doom

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 6215

Updated: 2019-04-13 00:13

In a prestigious manor, Evan in a white robe sat in a courtyard enjoying the view and sipping tea.

Anyone who knew him was aware that this was the time of the day when he was most relaxed. Disturbing him would be unwise.

The sound of shuffling feet broke the silence.

"Mr. Bai, you should not come inside," a voice from outside tried to say.

"It's urgent. Don't worry. I'll take the blame if Evan gets mad at you," said Darren.

Shortly after, Darren appeared in the courtyard.

Evan frowned a little at the sight of him, but immediately regained composure. "Darren, what happened? Why are in so much haste?" he asked Darren calmly.

"Evan, we have a problem," Darren explained, anxious. "Peter was taken by Amelia," he said.

They were aware of what happened when Peter was in Golden City University.

Darren was about to capture Peter but Evan stopped him.

Robin was ruthless and Evan thought that it would be better for them if Robin were to get the job done, instead.

Just as he expected, Robin immediately took Peter with him.

He thought that Peter would surely suffer in Robin's hands, but Amelia seemed to have turned the tide right away.

"Never mind. This is not much of a surprise," Evan replied, still looking as calm as he did before. "Amelia is the director of Public Security of Golden City. It is not strange that she took Peter from Robin," he added.

"Yes, but this means that Peter would be free soon. Had I known, I would have taken Peter myself,"

Darren argued, unsatisfied. "What a loser, that Robin! He has been after Peter for a long time and he hasn't managed to kill him yet. What the hell is he doing? He should have just set him up with a crime. That would have eventually killed him!" he ranted.

"Maybe there were other reasons. Or maybe Robin had a different plan," Evan said, still cal

aused trouble left and right.

Be it killing, a fire, beating up the wealthy, hitting luxury cars, he stopped at nothing.

"What a cool coincidence, Cassie. It has been a while since we last saw each other. I missed you so much. You look even prettier now,"

Peter joked, trying to hide the tinge of embarrassment that he felt. It was his third time here and it wasn't something he was proud of.

"Yes, it was all coincidence. You might as well destroy the station so we could see each other everyday,"

Cassie replied sourly.

"Uh," Peter started as his mouth twitched, "Cassie, you know I'm not that kind of person. Why would I want to do that? You know me. I'm a gentle person. I can't even crack a walnut. Don't scare me."

"Are you? Then why is it that news reached me that you beat a wealthy kid and smashed his car," Cassie questioned. 'Don't make fool of me. I know everything about you, ' she thought.

"Who told you that? That's slander," Peter grumbled. "It was the students who smashed the car. I didn't even touch it. This is so unfair."

Cassie was about to argue when Amelia came in. She looked gloomy.

Peter guessed that something was wrong.

'Is there something else that happened?' he thought.

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