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   Chapter 227 Today's Humiliation Will Be Returned A Hundredfold

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 7222

Updated: 2019-04-13 00:03

Peter wanted so badly to break free and kill Robin.

His nose and his forehead creased as his agitation began to well up inside him.

Robin could feel his anger and fear swept all over him. He felt as if he were being stared down by a rabid beast and he did not dare move a muscle.

It was not until Peter calmed down that he was able to feel at ease.

When he managed to collect himself, he then started to feel furious.

He was an heir of the Song family and Peter was a criminal. What a shame it was to feel afraid of him!

To make up for his misplaced cowardice, Robin planned to humiliate Peter and make him suffer. While he was lost in his thoughts, the vehicle suddenly halted to a stop.

Robin pushed himself back to keep from being thrown towards the dashboard.

"Damn it. What's wrong?" Robin yelled. 'What the hell is going on?' he thought.

"Mr. Song, we have a serious situation. We're being blocked." Robin started to hear voices from the special police force coming from outside the car.

"What the hell? We're being blocked? Damn it! Who dares?" he roared, enraged. Who the hell dare get in his way?

Pulling the curtains aside, he peeped out

and saw the fleet of policemen. He turned glum.

The officers were heavily armed. Although Robin's men had more sophisticated weapons, they were severely outnumbered.

They were headed by a policewoman.

Dressed in the police uniform, she looked stunning.

It was Amelia.

"What do you mean by this, Amelia Mo?" he asked Amelia calmly as he got down from the vehicle. This was a more pressing issue than insulting Peter.

"I'm here to arrest Peter. Can you please hand him over?" answered Amelia lightly.

"Are you trying to help him escape?" Robin asked suspiciously. "He's a crime suspect. Don't you know the consequences of being an accomplice?" he said.

"Helping him escape?" Amelia laughed. "What gave you that idea? Did you hear me say that? I am here to arrest him, understand?

As the incident happened in Golden City, naturally, the investigation is under my jurisdiction. I have come to take the suspect. Is there a problem with that?

What's more, rig

hat Peter was not harmed, Amelia immediately felt relieved. Wordlessly, she took him and turned to leave.

Before getting inside her car, however, Peter shot a glance back at his previous captors

and stared at Robin with the wrath like that of a ferocious wolf. He squeezed the words out from the crack of his teeth grimly, "Robin Song, I will never forget the humiliation you have brought to me. I, Peter Wang, swear that I will return it to you a hundredfold, in the coming days. If I were you, you should get me killed or find a way to keep me in the police station forever.

Otherwise, the day I step out will be the day of your death. And I assure you, it will be a miserable one."

The coldness came out of Peter's mouth and it felt as if the temperature around him also dropped by a few degrees.

At this right moment, not only did Robin looked scared, the policemen on the scene all looked terrified.

Peter dared to threaten Robin openly and in public. Was he not afraid of losing his life?

Amelia, standing next to him, could feel his wrath. She was startled as she watched Peter.

She had known Peter for a very long time and this was the first time she saw him like this.

What exactly did Robin do to Peter?

"Are you threatening me? Great! Really great! ! !"

Robin was fuming with anger.

Peter dared to threaten and challenge him like this. He vowed to never let Peter get out of the station alive.

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