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   Chapter 226 Peter Was Humiliated

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 5915

Updated: 2019-04-12 00:13

Peter left in secret after the journalists had recorded the video in his phone.

He did not want to stay here anymore. The press people and police would deal with Roy and his uncle.

Right after Peter left, Robin arrived with his men.

He was planning to catch Peter.

He realized that this was a good chance to get him into jail. He was determined to seize this chance and give Peter a hard lesson.

To his disappointment, he did not find Peter at the university.

However, Robin did not give up. He showed his certificate and checked the monitoring record.

When he saw the scene where Peter was beating up Roy, Robin became so excited that he jumped up and down.

'Yeah, that's it! This time, I will not let you go!' he thought.

Without hesitation, Robin rushed to Peter's villa with his men in tow.

As for Peter, he had no idea of Robin's plan. At that moment, he was having dinner with Anne somewhere special.

When they came back, a group of special policemen with guns surrounded them immediately.

Anne's face turned pale at the sight of this. She held Peter's arm tightly.

Deep inside, Peter was extremely furious.

"Peter Wang, you are being arrested for physical injury! Come with us! Remember the scene at Golden City University? I got the surveillance video! It's evidence of what you did!"

Robin walked towards Peter with a triumphant smile.

He had been humiliated by Peter so many times! Finally, he had a chance to hit back. He could not wait to see Peter's scared face.

However, to his disappointment, Peter did not look scared. He did not panic at all.

"Okay, I will come with you, but you should allow her to leave." Peter pointed at Anne as he said calmly.

"Okay." Robin nodded his head as he looked at Pete

un and pointed it at Peter as he shouted at him.

"Call me Daddy!"

How humiliating!

"Mr. Song, Miss Mo knows that I am with you right now. Do you have balls to kill me?" Peter controlled himself as he became more furious.

If he had a choice, he would not hurt those policemen. He did not want to challenge the authorities.

"Amelia Mo?" Robin was stunned for a while and then laughed loudly. "Nobody can protect you now.

Down on your knees! Now! And call me Daddy! Or else, I will shoot you!" All of a sudden, Robin hit Peter's back with a gun and it made Peter fell on the floor.

It was a large car. There was enough space for Peter to kneel down in front of Robin

Peter felt a sharp pain on his back.

He could not stand it anymore.

If he chose not to fight against him, he might get killed or humiliated again!

He was a true man, and he would not lose his pride because of Robin. He would never kneel in front of Robin!

"Well, you brought the troubles to yourself!" Peter was completely enraged by this time.

He had lost his temper. His eyes turned red all of a sudden. He glared at Robin angrily.

The air was suddenly full of danger.

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