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   Chapter 225 Intercourse

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 9000

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What an incompetent university principal! And what a bastard his nephew was! If the news got out, it would definitely catch the public's attention and would surely be a big hit! The principal would probably lose his job because of the scandal.

The principal's face turned pale.

'Damn it! What a troublemaker! Now my reputation is completely destroyed because of him!' he blamed his nephew deep inside.

If he had known what his nephew had done in the first place, he would not have disclosed the fact that Roy was his nephew.

He regretted saying those stupid words. But it was too late to take his words now. 'I was so stupid!'

"Roy Zheng, is it true what he said? You wanted that girl to go with you, but she refused? So what you did was blatantly bully and assault her at the school gate in the presence of so many people?"

The principal turned around, looked at Roy and asked him with trembling voice. He had given up reasoning with Peter.

Although he knew that Peter probably told the truth since he dared to speak out in the presence of so many people, he still wanted to confirm it with his nephew.

He knew that his nephew was not exactly the good guy for he loved squandering money and flirting with girls, but he still could not believe that his nephew would hurt and bully a girl in front of so many people.

"He was just talking nonsense. I didn't do such things at all. Please! You have to believe me, dear uncle!" Roy refused to admit his actions. If he admitted, his uncle would not help him, and he would have to pay for his misconduct.

"You did not?" Peter sneered. "Really? Have you forgotten about the pair of eyes watching you from above all the time? Now that you deny your misconduct, why don't we ask this pair of eyes? You could tell a lie all you want, but those eyes would not."

'A pair of eyes?'

Roy was confused for a moment. Then he came to his senses and looked up.

His face turned pale at the sight of the two monitors hanging above his head.

'Damn it! I completely forgot about the monitors!'

Golden City University was a prestigious university. Undoubtedly, it would be equipped with monitors at the school gate for security purposes. He was so mad at Peter and Anne that he completely lost control of his temper. He was not thinking straight at all that he completely forgot about that very important thing.

The university principal was not a fool. Judging from Roy's expression, he knew right away that Roy was telling lies.

His face darkened. Normally, when a student had misconduct, he would bring shame to his parents. 'I am just your uncle, not your parent! You can not involve me in this trouble that you caused

The press people were asking questions all at the same time. As professional journalists, they tried to pick up every moment on the scene and zoomed in on the face of the principal. While shooting a close-up of him, they began questioning him.

"Nonsense! Absolutely nonsense! We were framed. We did not do such things at all! Don't be fooled by those bastards. Please stop filming me. I can explain everything,"

he cried out and retreated with his face covered by his hands. Besieged by a crowd of journalists, the principal almost fainted in anger and humiliation.

"I'm not framing them. I have proof!" said Peter. He was prepared for all of this and did not give the principal a chance to explain.

Hearing this, the journalists became very excited. They rushed towards Peter immediately.

Peter was not afraid of the journalists at all. Instead, he greeted them with a big, confident smile.

Peter fixed his hair and waved to the camera like a seasoned superstar. Then he cleared his throat and said, "Hey, guys, I have made a copy of the video on my phone. This is my evidence. Come on! Come closer to me. I will play it, and you could take a video for yourself. Now you are all my partners. We could all have sweet, friendly intercourse with each other,"

Peter said, and then showed the video to the journalists.

'Partners? Sweet, friendly intercourse?' The journalists were all shocked by his mischievous words. The young, female journalists all blushed. 'Doesn't he know the sexual meaning of his word? It's misleading!'

At the same time, Anne had fled from the scene and kept a distance from the crowd. 'It's a shame if others know that the flirt is a friend of mine!'

The principal was completely dumbfounded. The unexpected situation made him burn in anger.

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