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   Chapter 224 The Crowd Felt Inspired

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 5906

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When Roy called the principal uncle, Peter was surprised and narrowed his eyes.

'Wow! Things have become interesting!

With confidence in his uncle's power and prominence, Roy drives the luxury car to go after girls in the university.

This is why he was not afraid to beat up Angelou when he was refused by her.

That is going to be some headline news!' thought Peter.

The principal was filled with anger. He could not help but shout at Roy when he called him uncle. "Who are you? Why did you call me uncle? Stay away from me!"

"Uncle, it's me! I am Roy Zheng!" Roy cried. "You have to help me! He can not graduate from the university! Get him into jail!"

The truth was that Roy seldom called him uncle in public. However, he was too angry at this point.

It was a nightmare to meet Peter. He would do everything to give Peter a hard lesson at the moment!

"Roy? What happened to you?" The principal was confused at first. Then, his face changed completely. "Are you okay? Who did this to you? How dare they beat you up!"

He ran towards Roy as he asked him.

At that moment, he was completely angry.

'Son of a bitch! Who did that? How dare they!' he thought.

"Uncle, help me!" Roy held his leg and burst out crying.

He looked terrible at this time.

The principal was furious. He looked at Peter angrily. "Which class are you from? Who is your class teacher?

How dare you beat him up! What a shame! You have brought shame on our school! I have to expel you from our school! You are a dangerous student!"

he shouted.

Actually, he was going to downplay the accident at first. But he changed his mind when he found out Roy was beaten up.

Students felt extremely angry when they heard their principal.

They were saddened,

mpus police are now at the site, and he is not afraid at all! He is so brave!'

The crowd was in shock. They could not believe their eyes.

'Wow! He has balls!' they thought.

Everyone was feeling excited. They were not happy with their principal as well.

"Pay attention! Everybody! Come here! That is a rich guy! His uncle is the principal of the university. As a result, he dares to show off his luxury car here and go after schoolgirls. When he was refused, he beat up the girl hard and tried to push the girl into his car, so he could hurt her some more.

His uncle, the principal, did not even reprimand or criticize his nephew. Instead, he called the police and wants to put me in jail. That is so unfair!

If you know a journalist, call them and it will be the headline news!"

Peter ignored that principal and shouted at the crowd.

"What did he say? That's a horrible university principal!"

"Fuck! Kick that man's ass!"

"Call the journalist! Right now! Those two bastards should be blamed and punished!"

The crowd was shocked for just a short while. When they came to their senses, they swung their phone and felt inspired by what Peter said!

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