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   Chapter 223 Beating The Bastard

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 6373

Updated: 2019-04-11 00:03

"What the fuck!"

Roy yelled as he raised his fist ready to attack

but Peter already landed a punch on his head.


Roy felt dizzy from the blow and his nose bled wildly. He began to cry in pain.

"Awesome!" "Well done!"

"Such a bastard, he deserves it!"

The people around them cheered.

"How dare you!" Roy managed to catch his breath and was about to shout at him, but Peter grabbed his hair.

"Can you hear that? The people want me to beat you up badly." Peter chuckled as he slammed Roy's head against the Ferrari.



With a loud burst of impact, the dazzling Ferrari was immediately dented. Blood trickled down Roy's head as he clutched it and began to scream.

This was too much of a relief!

The students who watched rubbed their hands together, eager to charge and give him a good beating.

Angelou, who finally caught her breath, stood aside and looked at Peter gratefully. Her eyes filled with tears.

She could not imagine what might have happened to her if it were not for Peter's help. A nightmare was surely waiting for her if she came back with Roy.

Roy lay on the ground clutching his head and crying miserably.

This had never happened to him before.

"Punch him. Go for it. We got you covered!"

"Beat him up so hard that he won't come back to our school!"

The students were eager for revenge.

Despite Roy's suffering, it was nothing compared to his shameless behaviors.

"Do you guys really want to punch him?" Peter asked, smiling as he lowered his head to take off Roy's coat.

"Of course we do! Even if he gets beaten to death, it still will not be enough to pay for all the things he has done!" the students replied.

They wondered what Peter intended to do.

'What is he doing? Why did he take off Roy's coat? Is he planning to have him streak? This is fucking awesome!' they thought.

"What are you doing? Let

y turned to Peter furiously.

It was unrealistic to catch up with these students.

"What are you doing here? Which class are you in? Who made you fight at the school gate?" the principal yelled as he glared at Peter. His voice trembled as he spoke.

"Who gave you the right to cause trouble? This is totally barbaric! Tell your parents to come to school tomorrow. You will also need to write ten thousand criticisms and you will read it out in front of all the everyone during the flag ceremony!" he called out.

"Who else was involved in the fighting? Every single one of them has to do it as well!"

The principal looked at Peter, with flames on his eyes.

It had not been such a bad thing to talk about, considering the negative effects to school, he would have asked the police to take Peter away.

Peter was stunned as he heard the principal's words.

'Is it still common practice to ask parents to come to school? These are college students. Isn't that something for primary school?' Peter thought.

He was about to say something when Roy, laid on the ground, started to cry out.

"Please, you have to do something for my sake. I want him fired. You must fire him!" he yelled. "No, no, that's not enough," he reconsidered. "I want him in jail!"

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