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   Chapter 222 What An Asshole

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 6114

Updated: 2019-04-10 00:13

"I'm so proud of you that I want to kiss you right now!" Peter looked so proud and happy as he said these words to Anne.

"Mr. Wang, stop that! You can't kiss me!" Anne's face turned red in embarrassment. 'Why does he always want to take advantage of me!' she thought.

"No kiss? Okay, I understand! You don't want to do it in public! Well, let's go home right now. I really want to kiss you! By the way, don't call me Mr. Wang. Just call me Peter!"

As soon as he was finished, he dragged Anne, wanting to take her home now.

Anne was speechless.

'My gosh! Why did he have to say that in front of so many people! How humiliating!'

The students surrounding them said nothing. They looked at Peter and Anne with a smile. It looked like they understood what they were going to do. Anne felt more embarrassed when she saw the expression on their faces.

Roy did not stop Peter and Anne from leaving. However, he was filled with anger deep inside.

'Son of a bitch! How could that bitch refuse me in public! How humiliating!' he cursed.

He had brought shame on himself today. Girls would now refuse to get in his car and to have sex with him in the future since he now had a bad reputation.

"Fuck! What are you looking at? Go away! Or else, I will give you a hard lesson!" Roy could not help but shout at those students. He was so furious.

Although the students wanted to punch Roy hard, they did not dare to fight with him because of his rich and powerful background.

They knew it would bring them big trouble if they did that.

"Fuck you all, you bastards!" Roy felt much better when the students dared not go against him.

He spat with hatred and walked towards Angelou who was about to leave. "Where the fuck are you going? Stop right now!"

Angelou trembled in fear upon hearing his voice. She tur

d of yourself?"

Peter could not stand it anymore. He walked towards Roy.

Roy was such a bastard! Peter was unable to continue watching even though he did not want to step into his affair.

"It's none of your business." Roy was furious when he heard Peter.

When he saw Peter's face, he became more furious!

His eyes were filled with anger at that moment.

"Well, it's you! She's my woman and I have the right to give her a lesson. Fuck off if you are smart! Or else, You will never graduate from Golden City University!"

"Graduate?" Peter laughed. "Okay! I really need to give you a lesson! I don't care whether I will graduate or not!

Besides, it's my business! You have beaten up that girl so much! She looks so horrible that I'm not in the mood to have sex with my girl anymore. So I must teach you a lesson today!" said Peter.

Anne was speechless when she heard Peter.

The students were stunned at first. When they came to their senses, they could not help but cheer on Peter.

"Kick his ass!"

"Beat him up!"

They all shouted. They were full of courage and boldness all of a sudden. After all, they were not going against Roy directly. Roy would come after Peter instead of them.

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