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   Chapter 221 Not A Material Girl

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 7035

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Suddenly, a fancy Ferrari stopped in front of them. The car had a value of at least 20 million dollars.

Obviously, the car was successfully able to attract people's attention, especially schoolgirls.

Peter was speechless! 'Are you kidding me? I just told Anne not to be a material girl. Now, there is this fancy car in front of us!' he thought.

Anne could not believe her eyes. She was in great shock.

"Roy, finally you are here! I've been waiting for you!"

Suddenly, a girl complained coyly.

She was in a black slip dress and super-short skirt. When the car appeared, she walked towards it slowly.

She was young and wore skimpy clothing. She was the type of woman that men got attracted to.

She was really hot and voluptuous. If the skirt were a bit shorter, people would already see her butt.

Peter's eyes were glued to her hot body.

'Wow! What a hot girl!' he thought.

Anne was a little embarrassed. 'Shame on her! How can she wear something like that?' she thought.

"Roy, let's go." Quickly, the girl opened the door on her side. She was getting into the car. However, she was not pushed out by the man in the car.

"Who are you? Get out!" A young man shouted at her and got off from the other side.

"Roy, I'm Angelou! We have a date! You are here to pick me up! You are just kidding, right? Don't worry, I give you my word! You can do anything you want tonight! I'm yours."

Angelou leaned over and whispered teasingly. But deep inside, she was a little surprised. She did not expect Roy Zheng to be so rude to her!

As she was talking to him, she was rubbing the man with her round boobs, and she was staring longingly at him.

Peter got a little disappointed and unhappy watching them.

'What a shame! She is just a student, and she's already too shameless. Shame on her! Why is she flirting with that man? She should be flirting with me instead, ' he thought.

"I said I don't know you! Can't you hear me? Fuck off!" The man got furious when Angelou kept flirting with him. He moved his leg and gave her a hard kick.

Angelou was just a girl. She w

You are nothing to me! I am not a material girl! Now leave me alone!"

Anne could not control herself anymore. At that moment, she was filled with pride and righteousness.

Peter felt proud of Anne as he listened to her.

'What a loser! Despite the fact that you have a luxury car and money, you failed to get her! She is my woman!' he thought with satisfaction.

"Great! That's a good speech!"

"Yeah, we are with you!"

"Who the hell does he think he is! He is rich, but he can't buy everything! I hate people like him!"

"Fuck! How can you hit a woman! You are a monster!"

"Good for you! You are the pride of Golden City University!"

The students surrounding them, especially the boys, could not help but clap their hands when they heard Anne. They hated arrogant rich young men like Roy Zheng.

There were not many girls in their university. These rich guys would always show-off their luxury cars and date the girls from their school. As a result, the schoolboys had less chance to date girls.

Roy Zheng felt embarrassed as he was scolded by the students. His face felt hot.

Angelou glanced at Anne, lowered her head and looked embarrassed.

She knew she was that kind of material woman, who would have sex with rich people without any hesitation.

Deep inside, she regretted what she had done. She felt so embarrassed that she wanted to leave the place right away.

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