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   Chapter 218 Risking To Play Cool

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Minnie was fuming when she saw Black Rasetsu's arrogant look. She couldn't help herself from springing up and yelling, "Come! Let's battle!"


Peter thought to himself, startled. He glanced at Minnie. Suddenly, he pulled Anne away instantly. "Alas, they are going to battle. Let's get out of here quickly. It's too dangerous."

He took Anne away from the drawing room quickly.

Anne blushed slightly, her hand tingling from being held by Peter.

Minnie looked in their direction enviously, before glaring at Black Rasetsu.

"You'd better start acting politely. You wouldn't like me when I'm not nice. I've got a black belt in Taekwondo, you know,"

Minnie said cockily, taking pride in herself. Since Peter left, she took the chance to provoke her.

Peter almost fell down as he heard this from afar. He finally understood the saying that 'the evils we bring upon ourselves are the hardest to bear'.

He stood silently, watching over Minnie.

At First People's Hospital

After Peter left, Herman felt that something was wrong.

He dialed James' number cautiously.

As the director of the Department of Public Health, Freddy was suffering in the hospital because of Peter. Herman ought to worry about him.

"Director Wang, what happened?" James was wondering why Herman called him.

"Mayor, something happened." Herman responded, unable to control the excitement in his voice. He then proceeded to narrate what happened previously.

"What the hell?" James raised his voice after hearing about what transpired. Herman could feel his anger raising from the other side of the earpiece.

Herman started to quiver under his anger, almost dropping his phone completely. He was in panic. He couldn't figure out who James was mad at. Was it Peter? Or Freddy?

"Wait for me. I'll be there in a minute!" James ended the call as soon as he finished.

Herman sighed, trying to recover from his anxiousness.

At the Mayor's Office

James kept a stoic face on. He didn't expect how arrogant Freddy and his son had actually turned into. Malcolm especially -- he even tried to use the hospital as a whore house!

James was so furious that he punched the table a number of times to help alleviate his tense shoulders.

The secretary looked dumbfounded as he watched him.

'What's wrong with the Mayor? He was doing fine when he picked up the phone. Who could have made him so angry like that?'

James was good-tempered. He barely got angry.

"Get ready, we'll be going to the People's First Hospital," James said to his secretary right after calming himself down. Without wasting any time, the secretary followed his order.

Ten minutes later, James got on car and was about to leave. However, he opened the car door and got off suddenly.

"Mayor, are we not going to the hospital?" the secretary asked.

"Yes, but just me alone. As for you guys, pick up a c

n City's second-in-command.

"No, that's our ride," Peter replied coolly. He wanted to see Anne's reaction.

The people around them were astonished at the sight.

'As young and as handsome as Peter is, nobody expected him to be a big socialite. The mayor's vehicle went to pick them up personally.'

Peter was satisfied with the attention he was getting. He went to the car and opened it casually.

He was just about to ask Anne to come in when a shrewd voice interrupted him. "What are you doing?" This isn't an online taxi-hailing service. You're getting on the wrong car,"

the secretary said angrily. 'Who the hell do they think they are? Didn't they see the plate numbers? Who the fuck do they think they are, getting into the mayor's vehicle?'

James' orders were to pick up an individual, not a couple. He didn't realize it was actually Peter that he was picking up.

Furthermore, how could the Mayor pay attention to a couple with such cheap clothing?

He felt like he had already seen Peter's arrogant expression before, but he wouldn't believe he was the one that the Mayor intended to pick up.

Peter frowned. He checked his phone and the plate numbers again. 'No problem. It is the car," he thought.

"No, we are supposed to ride this vehicle." Peter led Anne into the car.

The secretary retorted, "What the fuck are you doing? Get out, right now! What if you soiled this vehicle? What if you broke it? You couldn't afford jack shit to repair this!"

To him, it looked like Peter was checking the online ride-hailing app on his phone.

"What the hell. It turns out the guy was just playing cool."

"Just as I thought. There's no way that the Mayor would want anything to do with him."

"Yikes. Young men are always risking so much just to look cool around girls." "What kind of idiot would just brag about getting into the Mayor's car?"

The eavesdroppers around them started to gossip.

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