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   Chapter 217 Girls' Fight

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 6904

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Freddy fumed with anger when he heard Peter ridicule him.

'Who the hell would want to slap himself to apologize?

This son of a bitch must be playing tricks on me!' he thought.

Freddy angrily raised his hand to slap Peter again.

He just didn't believe that he would slap his own face.

Reality failed him, though. As he swung his hand, he immediately felt a searing pain on his face again.

Even the doctors and nurses that watched them were confused.

'Has Director Zhou lost his mind? Why is he repeatedly slapping himself?' they thought.

It was what they saw. Freddy did slap himself.

"Okay, that's enough. Stop hurting yourself. I accept your apology," Peter said, laughing.

"You! Have you played tricks on me? Did you slap me?" Freddy was fuming.

He was the director of the Department of Public Health and he just slapped himself in front of so many people. How embarrassing! He couldn't take that!

"What? That doesn't make sense," Peter said. "It was not me who slapped you. You slapped yourself. There are many witnesses. They saw it with their own eyes," he explained.

Freddy did not know how to respond. "Just you wait. I will not let you get away today! If I fail, I will resign from my post as director of the Department of Public Health!"

he swore as he took out his phone and dialed a number.

He still could not believe what happened. Why was he having so much difficulty dealing with this bastard?

"What did I do? I'm just standing here," Peter argued. He was not afraid of Freddy. "And you want me to wait? Do you think I'm stupid? You know what? Fine. I'm tired of talking nonsense with you. If you want me to wait here, I'll wait. Take your time," he added.

As Peter spoke, Freddy realized another thing. He could neither move nor speak.

"Director Zhou? Director Zhou? Hello? Is that you? Can you hear me?

Is something wrong, Director Zhou?

Kindly respond," the voice from the other end of the line inquired.

It looked ridiculous. Freddy listened but was unable to say anything in response

is that woman? Why do you bring her here? Is she your new girl?" Minnie was very upset, thinking that Peter might be trying to sneak in a prostitute to his villa.

"What? No. She is a distant relative of mine. Show your respect and be nice to her. She will live here for a while," Peter told Minnie sourly.

He felt good that Minnie was not his wife yet. Seeing how she reacted with just seeing another girl in the house, he could not imagine how she would be if she were his wife.

"Respect her? I don't think so. It's she who should respect me and be nice to me," Minnie replied as she glared at Black Rasetsu.

"Listen to me. I am Peter's real girlfriend. You should respect me under any circumstance and you should listen to what I say. Do you understand?"

Minnie told Black Rasetsu, flaunting her long legs and raising her head high.

She assumed that Black Rasetsu, being the newcomer, would easily submit, especially after her show of dominance.

Unexpectedly, though, Black Rasetsu barely glanced at her and completely ignored her.

"Hey, I'm talking to you. Did you hear me?" Minnie roared, as her face turned crimson with anger.

Black Rasetsu curled her lips as she went straight to the sofa and sat down, still completely paying her no mind.

She didn't see the point of arguing with Minnie. To Black Rasetsu, it was like arguing with a kid.

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