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   Chapter 216 A Nice Person

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 5600

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"Director Zhou? Who is he? Does he come from a prominent family?" Peter asked Herman.

"Freddy Zhou, the director of the Department of Public Health, is Malcolm's father," Herman replied.

"Oh, I see. Don't worry. I punched Malcolm so I will take responsibility. Can you give Freddy Zhou a call?" Peter asked.

He didn't want to drag Herman into this thing.

But the doctors and nurses who overheard Peter found it funny when they heard Peter.

'A regular guy wants to fight a director? That's ridiculous, ' they thought.

Herman nodded and called Freddy Zhou.

Freddy Zhou felt angry when he saw his injured son at the inpatient department on the tenth floor.

His son was punched in the hospital that he himself managed. How ironic! And Herman let the rascals go!

That was unforgivable!

"Father, help me, please. They were so violent. I want to fight back.

And Herman, he just stood there and watched me get hurt. He didn't help me! Instead, he just let the culprits go. I won't forgive him!"

Malcolm lay in the bed and whined.

The wounded face of Freddy Zhou's son broke his heart. Malcolm was the apple of his eye. He never cursed his son and never laid a hand on him as well.

"Don't worry, I will call Herman and talk to him," Freddy Zhou said as he took out his phone.

But before he could find Herman's number, the phone started to ring. It was Herman.

He immediately picked up and shouted, "Herman Wang, where are you? I want to talk to you. I'm in the inpatient department on the tenth floor. Come here, now!"

His voice was loud. Herman thought he'd turn deaf when he heard it.

"Okay, okay. I will go there right now," he r

t of control. Herman wanted to call Mayor Xie to solve this.

Peter stood still and pretended to be scared.

Freddy Zhou thought very highly of himself. He assumed that Peter was too scared to fight him.

He was the director of the Department of Public Health and Peter was an ordinary guy. Messing with the director was not a wise choice.


Suddenly, the sound of impact of skin against skin broke the silence.

Instead of slapping Peter, Freddy Zhou slapped himself! Unbelievable!



Freddy Zhou cried. He was confused. He could not understand what happened. If he knew that he would be slapping himself, he would have been more gentle.

Peter feigned surprise with what he saw. "Are you okay, Director Zhou? Why did you slap yourself?" he asked, looking concerned.

"You scared me. I thought you were going to punch me but it turned out you just wanted to slap yourself. Is this because you want to apologize to me on behalf of your son? That is so thoughtful of you, Director Zhou. I like you," Peter jested.

"You are such a nice person," he added cheerfully.

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