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   Chapter 215

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 9331

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"Son of a bitch! Who bullied my girl? Show yourself!" Suddenly, a man broke into the ward. He shouted to the people angrily.

Six men followed him. Each of them held a stick in their hands. They looked like that they were ready to kill anytime.

Herman's face changed when he saw them. He went towards them and tried to stop them. "Dave Zhao, what are you doing here? Get out of here!"

Herman was really mad at him. 'Damn it! How dare he come here! It's a hospital! He can not just come here like this! What a bastard!

Can't he see Peter is saving the patient? He is performing acupuncture! If he bothers him, the patient might die!' he thought.

Dave Zhao was a famous rascal in the city. He had a powerful and prominent background. That was why he was really arrogant and always bullied other people.

Actually, Herman seldom deal with him and Dave Zhao rarely made any trouble at the hospital.

Herman knew that the reason why Dave Zhao was here was because of that female doctor. She was his mistress!

As a result, she dared to bully others and go against her boss.

"Who the hell do you think you are? Fuck off, you old dog!" Dave Zhao shouted at Herman and pushed him away. Then, he ran towards his mistress.

"Babe, are you okay? Son of a bitch, who did this to you? Tell me!" Dave Zhao shouted as he looked around.

The other patients in the ward were frightened when they saw Dave Zhao. They lowered their heads immediately and dared not to say a word. They were ordinary people. They did not want to anger him.

The woman was so excited when she saw Dave Zhao. She opened her mouth and tried to say something. However, she was unable to speak a word.

"Babe, what's wrong with you? What are you trying to say?" Dave Zhao felt something was wrong. 'Oh my gosh! What happened to her? She is unable to move her body, and she also cannot speak!' he thought

Suddenly, a woman reprimanded him, "Be quiet! Get out!"

Dave Zhao was completely irritated when he heard her. 'Fuck! Who said that? Is that a woman?' he asked himself.

He looked behind him and saw Black Rasetsu.

At that moment, Black Rasetsu was staring at Dave Zhao furiously. She was so mad that she wanted to punch him hard. However, she controlled her temper because she did not want to disturb Peter.

"Who the hell are you? How dare you speak to me like that? Are you insane?" Dave Zhao became angry. He shouted at Black Rasetsu.

"Once and for all, fuck off!" Black Rasetsu looked at Dave Zhao and said to him fiercely.

"Fuck you! You're courting death!" 'What a bitch! How dare she challenge me and speak to me that way!' he cursed.

Although Black Rasetsu was a beautiful woman, he was not going to let her go today. He decided that he would beat her up.


As Dave

request. I want to acknowledge you as my master!"

Peter could not believe his eyes. He froze as Herman was about to kneel down in front of him.

Everyone was surprised including Black Rasetsu.

"No! Please don't do that." Peter stopped Herman immediately. Deep inside, he was totally dismayed.

'You were looking for me? You want to ask me to be your teacher? Are you kidding me? You did not even recognize me at first!' he thought.

"Sir, please don't stop me! I sincerely ask you to be my teacher! Please grant my request! Or else, I will not stand up," Herman insisted.

Actually, he admired Peter's medical skills very much. Last time, he already failed to invite Peter to work here. He did not want to miss the chance again.

Peter was a little annoyed. 'Is he threatening me? I do not want to take him as my apprentice! He is just an old man! I'm not interested in teaching him at all!' he thought.

"Well, I do not want to be your teacher anyway. So don't do this!" Peter left after he was finished. This time, he did not stop Herman.

"No, you can't leave yet." Herman became worried. He stood in front of Peter and said, "You've beaten up Director Zhou's son! How can I explain to Director Zhou if you leave the hospital! I will be in big trouble!

Besides, those guys can not just stay here like that. They are unable to speak or move their bodies! You have to do something."

Deep inside, he had thought of a plan. He wanted to prevent Peter from leaving the hospital. It was one part of his plan.

He knew Peter was familiar with the mayor. Therefore, he believed that Peter was able to help him solve his problem with Malcolm.

Otherwise, Herman would have no reason to stop Peter. He thought Peter would be unable to solve the trouble if he had no powerful background. Herman would have to solve the problem by himself.

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