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   Chapter 214 Excellent Medical Skills

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 6834

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The doctor was utterly irritated and shouted at Peter.

This made Peter angry. He curled his lips and turned to Black Rasetsu. "This old bitch is annoying. Throw her out!" he said.

Without hesitation, Black Rasetsu walked towards the doctor.

Surprised, the doctor started screaming again, "What are you doing? What are you doing? My man is..."

Before she could finish her sentence, Black Rasetsu lifted her up and threw her out of the room.

Everyone's mouth fell except Peter's. They couldn't believe their eyes.

'My god! She looks like an ordinary girl but she is so strong!' thought they.

Before Black Rasetsu could close the door completely, she heard a voice from the outside.

"What are you doing here? Dr. Zhang, what happened?" a man inquired.

"My gosh! Director Wang, you are here! Someone violently threw me out! Please check it out inside!" the doctor said, trembling with shock and fear.

After hearing that, a middle-aged man in his fifties opened the door.

Peter got stunned when he saw him. 'What a coincidence! Isn't he the director of the hospital?' thought he.

Herman looked at Peter angrily.

'Him again? He beat up one of my doctors just now! What is he still doing here?' Herman asked himself.

Peter felt a little embarrassed seeing him. "I'm sorry, Director Wang. I failed to control my temper again," he said apologetically.

'Failed to control his temper? What the hell!'

Herman couldn't help but curse him in his head.

"Director Wang, please don't be angry. I'll explain after I finish the treatment with this patient," Peter said quickly before turning to Jack's mother. He was about to conduct the acupuncture.

"Director Wang, stop him! If he fails, the patient will die here and we will be forced to take responsibility!

That old lady was hit by a motorbike. Her brain has been badly injured! He can't save her by acupuncture! Besides, that old lady is in her eighties. She is in a very bad condition!"

the doctor shouted and screamed.

"Wait a minute!" Herman sai

rm a medical procedure. Seeing this, though, he decided otherwise.

Peter clearly knew what he was doing. He was able to do that to the doctor.

"Finally, she is quiet," Peter muttered. He then continued with the acupuncture.

He was really good at it. Soon, the patient's head was full of silver needles. It looked shocking.

Jack and his sister felt relieved right seeing this.

Herman observed Peter closely trying to see if he could learn something from what he did.

Peter concentrated hard.

The patient was elderly, so he knew he needed to be careful as the risk of him accidentally killing her was huge.

The next moment, all the needles on the patient's head started to vibrate.

Everyone watching took a deep breath and did not dare say a word.

They knew that Peter could not be disturbed.

Herman's expression suddenly changed. He recognized what Peter did. It was a very traditional form of acupuncture!

'Wow! That's unbelievable! I did not know that there is still someone who knows how to do that! Where did he learn? How?' thought he.


Peter took out one needle.


Blood spurted and the patient's face somehow looked better.

Peter held his breath. Without stopping, he was about to take out the second needle.

Suddenly, the door of the ward opened violently.

Everyone turned and was terrified.

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