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   Chapter 213 Peter Lost His Temper Again

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 6365

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Although the doctor was not talking in a loud voice, Jack and his sister still heard her.

They said nothing. Soon Peter and Black Rasetsu arrived.

"Boss!" Jack became excited when he saw Peter. He ran towards him immediately.

"Jack, what happened? Is your mom okay?" Peter was a little worried.

"My mom is fine, but she needs an operation right now. By the way, did you bring the money?"

"Yes, I have the money. Let's see your mom." Peter went to the ward with Jack.

The doctor looked at them coldly and said nothing as if she did not see them.

Peter was wearing cheap clothes. She believed that he was not rich. She did not believe that Peter could bring enough money.

Chloe did not go to the ward with them. Instead, she picked up the phone with tears in her eyes.

She wanted to check whether the phone would work.

They were poor. Her brother worked really hard to make money. She did not want to waste his money on the phone.

When she saw this, the doctor could not help but look down upon them.

She looked at them with dislike.

Quickly, Peter checked on Jack's mother.

She was in the hospital bed. Her head was modestly treated. Blood could be seen on the gauze.

At this time, she was short of breath. Her eyes were closed. Obviously, she was not in good condition.

It was just the old woman in the ward. No nurse or doctor was there to treat her.

"Peter, my mother was hit by a motorbike. The doctor said that blood discharge has been found in her brain. She needs the operation right away. Or else, she might die."

Jack explained to Peter. He was worried.

Peter was furious. He did not bother asking about the driver who hit her. Instead, he turned to the doctor and asked her coldly, "Doctor, why are you not doing anything? She's in a severe condition! Do something! At least, you should treat her wound properly!"

He was outraged! She was

ut to beat her up again. She dared not to say anything. She tried to stand up, but she failed. She was in so much pain. Tears filled her eyes.

'Fuck! I will give you a hard lesson today when my man is here!'

she cursed him deep inside.

"Peter, what shall we do? Should we transfer my mom to another hospital?" Jack was worried. The doctor refused to do the surgery. This would put his mother's life to risk.

"No." Peter shook his head. "Your mom is at an old age. An operation is not good for her. It's too dangerous. The chances for a successful operation are too low! She doesn't need the operation."

It made sense. Jack's mother was in her eighties. An operation was not the best choice. It could even be dangerous for her.

That doctor surely knew that his mother would not survive even if she received the operation.

"Then what shall we do?" Jack didn't know what to do right now.

"Don't worry. I can cure her by acupuncture." Peter replied.

However, the doctor screamed as Peter finished his sentence, "What are you talking about? Acupuncture? Are you kidding me? You can not be serious!

If you want to treat her using acupuncture, then fuck off! You can't do that in our hospital! We will not be responsible! It will be your fault!"

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