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   Chapter 212 Doctors

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The shuffling steps of a group of people were heard.

They were led by a man around fifty years old. He was solemn and serious. Most likely, he was a senior manager.

"Ah! Director Wang. You are finally here! Those two made a mess! They even hit Dr. Huang!" one of the nurses explained the situation when the group arrived.

"Director Wang, please find justice for us! That man was a barbarian. He did not only hit me, but hit Mr. Zhou as well!" Webb added.

He struggled to find his footing. Covering his mouth, he started to explain the whole story to the hospital director.

His jaw still hurt. He felt as if it were tilted after being slapped with such a big shoe.

"What? Fight in the hospital? How dare! Why didn't you call the security guards and the police?" Herman Wang, the director of the hospital, flared up.

He was so angry that somebody dared to cause trouble and a fight in the hospital. It was scandalous!

"Are you the director of this hospital? You can call the security guards or the police as you wish. But before that, I hope you can hear me out on my reason to why I did it,"

Peter said calmly, without a hint of fear. He believed that not all the doctors in this hospital were as wicked as Webb.

"Reason? What reason?" Malcolm interrupted. "Director Wang, I'm Malcolm Zhou. I suggest that you call the police right now and have these people arrested," he said.

Even before Herman Wang could say anything, Malcolm approached him with his hand still cradling his face.

"They were crazy! Barbarians! They deserve to rot in prison!"

Malcolm bristled with anger. Never had he imagined that he would be slapped so violently by a woman!

He was now determined not to take it easy on Black Rasetsu. As soon as she was sent to prison, she would surely be running back to him, begging for mercy.

"Malcolm Zhou? Are you the son of Director Zhou?" Herman Wang asked in surprise.

The sight of him shocked Herman Wang because Malcolm was beaten up so badly that he was hardly recognizable.

"Yes, I am." Malcolm nodded, grinding his teeth in anger.

Herman Wang frowned and left him alone. Then he turned to Peter and asked, "Can you tell me what happened?"

He knew what kind of person Malcolm was, so he felt that it was very likely that he might have caused the problem himself. Peter must have been provoked.

Instead of saying anything, Peter took out his phone and played a recording

that revea

Jack felt differently, though. This was intolerable. "How can you say that? How can you do that as a doctor?" she argued.

"You know my mom is in awful condition. Why can't you do the operation first? We have promised to give you the money already! Don't you have medical ethics? You are so cruel! I'll take your picture and expose you!"

she said as she took out her phone. She was not really serious about doing it, of course. She was only hoping to threaten the doctor for being so arrogant.


The moment she took out her phone, the doctor knocked it over and trampled on it harshly.

"Take my picture? Expose me? Are you threatening me? That's my medical ethics. So what? If you don't like it, leave!

You want me to do the operation before you pay? Impossible! If hospitals did that to everyone, they would go bankrupt," the doctor shot at her.

Rather than being intimidated, the doctor became even more firm.

The girl went crazy in anger. How could the doctor be like that? She didn't deserve to be a doctor! She was being unreasonable!

Just as she was about to argue with the doctor again, Jack stopped her. "Chloe, don't. Mom is the priority now. Don't worry. I'll buy a new phone for you once I get my salary," Jack said calmly.

Then he turned to the doctor and apologized, "Sorry, doctor. She is just so worried about our mother. My friend is on his way to bring me the fifty thousand!"

"Hurry up! If your mother dies because of that, then it's not my fault!" said the doctor dismissively. Under her breath, she muttered, "Humph! Someone would lend you fifty thousand? In your dreams, beggar!"

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