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   Chapter 211 Black Rasetsu's Slaps Of Fury

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 8164

Updated: 2019-04-05 00:04

Webb roared, which not only gave Peter a shock but the nurse beside him too.

She had never seen Webb lose his temper like that.

Malcolm hummed proudly.

'Well done. That was so well done. Peter will surely be dealt with like that, ' he thought.

He even wanted to clap his hands and pile praises at Webb.

'Who the hell is this guy that dares to challenge me? Surely he is asking me to put him in his place, ' Malcolm thought.

"I'm a family member of the patient. I'm here to go through the discharge procedure for her. You have no right to ask me to get out,"

Peter said, also a little pissed off at the demanding doctor. How arrogant of him to drive him out!

"Discharge procedure?" Webb frowned. "Who said that she could be discharged from the hospital? Who approved that? Did I approve that? As long as I don't give her clearance, she can't be discharged from the hospital!

The patient has not recovered yet. How can she be discharged from the hospital? Can you take responsibility should anything bad happen?"

he said angrily.

Webb knew that this was a good and rare opportunity to gain Malcolm's favor and he was determined to make the most out of it. As long as he kept himself at Malcolm's good side, his chances of being promoted would definitely be higher.

Peter wanted to punch Webb's cocky face so badly. 'Damn. Is he a real doctor? It's a shame to have such a doctor in the hospital, ' Peter thought.

"Alright then. I will be gone," Peter replied and forced himself not to cause a scene. He took Black Rasetsu by her hand and pulled her behind him as he went to leave. Peter didn't intend to hurt anyone as they were in the hospital.

Webb was pleased that Peter didn't talk back and immediately seemed to comply. But when he saw him and Black Rasetsu leave together, he immediately called after them, "I asked you to leave by yourself. What do you think you're doing, leaving with the patient?"

Malcolm also got angry. He stared at Peter and looked at his hand that grabbed Black Rasetsu. Murder filled his eyes.

'I will chop his hand off one day, ' he swore.

"We don't want to go through the discharge procedure, nor do we want the deposit back. You also do not need to take responsibility for anything that will happen. Is that all right?" Peter said, clearly annoyed.

"No way!" Webb exclaimed. "Do you think you can take the responsibility should anything bad happen? Can you? Who

"Scumbag, I have had enough of you! You want to bug me? I am right here. What are you waiting for?"

Black Rasetsu fumed with rage as she slapped and cussed at Malcolm.

The searing pain almost made Malcolm cry.

'Gosh. I cannot believe that she could be so violent and horrible? Why didn't I sense that side of her?' he thought.

"What the fuck are you doing? You dare to slap Mr. Zhou? You can't get away now!" Webb said from the corner where he was hidden. Frightened with his voice trembling, he added, "Do you have any idea who Mr. Zhou is? Do you? You are both going to die. You're dead meat!"

Webb had a hard time looking at Malcolm being beaten.

'What now? Mr. Zhou would surely hate me! I may not get to keep my job, let alone get promoted!

Why did I involve myself with such trouble?' Webb thought, scolding himself.

Peter did not say anything, but took off his shoes and slapped it on Webb's face.

Smack. The sole of Peter's big shoe hit Webb hard on his mouth. He couldn't speak anymore.

The two nurses cried in horror as they watched the scenes unfold.

'What kind of people are these? This man and woman are terrifying!' they thought.

"Okay, Black Rasetsu, stop slapping him. You might kill him if you don't stop. We are gonna leave right now," Peter said.

Peter was surprised to see that Black Rasetsu was still slapping Malcolm even after he finished beating up the other guys. He did not know what to say to stop her. He had to forcibly pull her away just to get her out of the ward.

But before they got to leave, a voice came in. "What's the matter? What's the matter?"

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