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   Chapter 210 Hateful Face

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Updated: 2019-04-04 00:14

Watching the henchmen tease Peter, Malcolm felt triumphant.

He hoped that Peter would not put up with him and would decide to leave at once so that he could have a chance to get close to Black Rasetsu.

Of course, Malcolm would rather have Peter provoked into anger and start a fight. If that was the case, he could ask his henchmen to teach him a lesson.

But to his disappointment, Peter remained indifferent to the taunts of his henchmen. Smiling, Peter looked at them as if he were watching a comic show of monkeys.

Feeling uncomfortable, Malcolm could not help looking at Peter and said with a fake smile, "Gentleman, can you leave now? As patients, we need to have a noontime sleep."

"You can rest assured that I will keep silent and not disturb you," Peter said calmly.

"But I can't sleep if you are here. Moreover, my sweetheart also needs to rest. If you don't leave, you will just disturb her. Even if you are her friend, you can't be inconsiderate like this!"

Thinking that Peter was pretending not to understand him, Malcolm could not help explaining again.

"That's all right. She's not tired and doesn't need to rest," Peter said, smiling.

What he said made Malcolm very angry. "My dear, how could you have such an inconsiderate friend? After all, you're a patient here. I can't stand it anymore."

Obviously, he was trying to stir up a quarrel between Black Rasetsu and Peter.

To his surprise, Black Rasetsu gave him the cold shoulder. She did not even look at him nor did she get angry at his words.

Peter started talking to Black Rasetsu. He sounded very concerned.

"Are you tired?"


"Do you need to rest?"


"Do you mind if I stay with you just a little longer?"

"No. I want you to stay. I'm glad to have your company."

They talked to each other pleasantly with Peter holding her hands while they talked. Black Rasetsu blushed and bowed her head.

Hearing their intimate conversation and seeing how close they were, Malcolm became furious.

'Damn it! Do they mean to make me angry?' he thought.

The two henchmen beside him glared at Peter with ferocious eyes, trying to make him afraid.

But to their dismay, Peter did not look at them at all. Their attempts to threaten him were completely in vain.

"Gentleman, you can not stay here beyond the visitin

ealed? Doctor, you should be responsible with your decisions."

Hearing him, Webb Huang's face suddenly changed. Looking up at Malcolm, he said, "Mr. Zhou, what are you doing here?" Webb Huang had a respectful expression on his face. At this moment, the nurse beside him whispered something to his ears.

What she said changed the expression on his face. Then he looked at Black Rasetsu and said in a threatening tone, "Your wound has not healed yet. You can not leave the hospital. You should stay in the hospital for a few more days for observation."

'Oh my gosh! I almost made a big mistake. Fortunately, Mr. Zhou came in time and the nurse reminded me quickly. Otherwise, I would ruin his plan to chase after the girl. If that happens, how can I keep my position in this hospital?' Webb Huang thought.

"Didn't you just say that I could leave the hospital?" Black Rasetsu frowned, wondering why Webb Huang's face and decision changed so fast.

"Did I say that? When did I say that? You must have heard me wrong," Webb Huang said candidly. He was just playing the fool.

"You surely said that she could go. I heard you say it and I had it recorded. If you can't remember, I will play the recording for you."

Peter could not help it anymore. He stood up and began to help Black Rasetsu. He held his mobile phone and shoved it on Webb Huang's face.

'How dare he try to frame me?' Webb Huang became anxious.

Then he shouted angrily, "Who are you? How dare you talk to me with that tone? This is the director's office. Get out of here!"

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