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   Chapter 209 Trouble At The Hospital

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 7543

Updated: 2019-04-04 00:04

'What kind of movie? Porn?' thought Black Rasetsu.

She was speechless. At that moment, she knew what Peter was thinking about.

Even though she had been working in an undercover world, and was known to be bold and fierce, her face still flushed when she heard Peter.

"Mr. Wang, what are you talking about? I was not watching any porn videos!" Her cheeks turned red as she said this to Peter.

It was the first time that Black Rasetsu felt awkward. She felt embarrassed talking about the topic. Nobody dared to flirt with her before.

"Really? Show me your phone!" Peter smiled and grabbed her phone quickly.

"No! Give my phone back!" Black Rasetsu shouted and tried to grab her phone back from Peter.

However, she was not as skilled as Peter. She did not get her phone back at all. It seemed like they were teasing and flirting with each other while they were fighting over the phone.

"Haha! I got it! Don't move! Let me see what you were watching!"

Peter laughed. He stopped Black Rasetsu with his one hand as he checked her phone.

"Mr. Wang, you can't do that! I was not watching that kind of movie!" Black Rasetsu could not help but shout at him! She was too embarrassed at the moment.

'What the fuck!'

Peter was surprised when he found out what Black Rasetsu was watching before he arrived.

'Are you kidding me?' he thought.

He could not help but look at Black Rasetsu in surprise. "Wow! I didn't know you love this kind of game!"

"Yeah. I love it. What's wrong with that?" Black Rasetsu was so embarrassed. She grabbed her phone from Peter and exited the game.

Peter was speechless.

He did not expect Black Rasetsu would enjoy playing LinkGame!

Nobody would believe him if he told others about her hobby!

'She is one of the best hitmen of Wolf King! She is a cruel and skilled killer! And she loves playing LinkGame?

Oh my gosh! That's unbelievable!' he thought.

"Don't look so surprised! Let's just enjoy our dinner, okay?" Black Rasetsu's face turned red again. She changed the topic of their conversation immediately.

'How humiliating! Will he look down on me? After all, I am a top assassin, but I was caught playing that kind of game by him! People will laugh at me if they know about it,

ut." Malcolm did not give up. He moved to the other bed as he said to her, "By the way, I have gone through the admission process. I will be sharing the ward with you!"

Then, he sat on the bed.

The two lackeys stared at Peter angrily. They wanted Peter to leave.

Peter just ignored them. He was not scared easily.

Black Rasetsu was dismayed. She became really angry. She did not expect the man would decide to share the ward with her.

Actually, Peter had slept on that bed before. But he left the hospital afterward.

Peter pulled her hand. Then, he looked at Malcolm Zhou with a big smile. "Man, that is not a good way to go after girls!

You follow her everywhere, but it will make her dislike you even more!" Peter said.

"Who the hell do you think you are? Fuck off!" The two lackeys stood up suddenly. They pointed at Peter arrogantly and shouted before Malcolm Zhou could even say anything.

"Don't do that. Be polite." Malcolm Zhou tapped on their shoulders and continued, "We are gentlemen. Don't scare him off."

Malcolm Zhou was smart. He decided to behave politely in front of Black Rasetsu even though what he really wanted was to beat up Peter. He knew, Black Rasetsu might end up hating him.

"Okay. I'm sorry," one of the lackeys apologized immediately. "I'm really sorry. I won't do that again!"


However, when he was finished, the other lackey could not help but burst into laughter! Obviously, they were not going to apologize to Peter sincerely.

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