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   Chapter 208 Black Rasetsu Has Changed

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As Robin looked at the clear pictures of the four men, he was so angry that he wanted to beat them again.

Tab and his men became really famous this time. No one wanted to take them out.

Robin clicked on the mini video with an overwhelming sense of anger. He felt a wave of dizziness when he saw the content of the video.

In the video, there were abstract images of pretty employees. Ronald and his other five men were clearly visible. Their faces were undeniable.

Each words that Ronald used to threaten the employees and Bella to get down on their keens could be heard clearly.

He was so arrogant!

Robin did not bother to read the endless comments. He stared at Ronald furiously.

If Ronald had not done so many things for him in the past and had not accomplished exemplary deeds, he would have rushed forward to break his other leg.

"Can't you do anything right? What were you thinking? Loser!" Robin walked away as he said that. He could not bear to stay in front of Ronald longer. One more minute with him would drive him crazy.

"Robin, What's going on? What happened?" Ronald had no clue on what was going on.

"Just check the news by yourself," Robin said angrily. He slammed the door and left.

Ronald checked his phone right away. The moment he saw himself on the news, he almost fainted with anger.

He did not expect that someone would take the video. And it had hit the headlines so soon.

At a senior club

Darren was depressed. He was not able to sleep well last night as he kept thinking about how to deal with Peter.

He could not bear his anger as he thought of Peter. He had never been humiliated by anyone before.

Also, every time he tried to send people to kill Peter, he was being stopped by Evan.

"Evan, Peter is just a nobody. Is there any need to think twice? Just send an expert to kill him."

"He's right, Evan. Peter is so damn arrogant that he dares to provoke us. He was courting death annoying us!" Morgan added.

"Take it easy." Evan shook his h

tsu. "It's been a few days, and you look so much more beautiful than before.

By the way, what kind of games were you playing? I can play all sorts of games. Maybe we can play it together."

Peter smiled as he put the meal into the night table. Then he tried to grab the phone under the pillow.

"You are not allowed to take it!" Black Rasetsu got anxious instantly. She held Peter's arms tightly with one hand and pressed the phone under the pillow with the other.

It would be shameless if Peter found out the game she was playing. After all, she was Black Rasetsu.

"What?" Peter did not expect that she would react like this. She held his arms so tightly that Peter could feel her breast.

With a mischievous smile, Peter moved his arms intentionally. Black Rasetsu blushed in an instant. "Peter, I'll be mad if you keep doing this."

"What's wrong with you?" Peter was confused. "You are the one holding me, not me holding you!

By the way, what are you afraid of? Were you watching that kind of movie? I'm kind of curious! How about we watch it together?"

Peter smirked. He decided to make fun of her, now that he had seen the other side of her.

'Even if she is a fearless fighter, she is still a woman. This is what she's supposed to be like. People who don't know her would think she is as cold as ice, ' he thought.

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