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   Chapter 207 Headline News

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Peter punched one of the men right at his nose and sent him flying out with blood spraying from his nose and mouth.

The eight other men gaped at him in shock. They did not expect Peter to be so strong.

Without stopping, Peter slammed his fist again as the first one fell.


With a terrible cry, the second man was toppled down, smashing the door of Bella's office.

"Come on bro! Cheer up. Let's..."

A man started to summon his peers so they could fight together in full strength. But before he could finish his sentence, he was hit on the mouth, unable to speak any more.

Peter's power was unbelievable!

To no surprise, Peter immediately gained control over the situation. The next six men were knocked down one by one, unable to withstand Peter's attack.

In less than a minute, all of them lay motionless and wounded on the ground.

Clair gaped at the scene. Even though she knew Peter was very strong, it was the first time she saw his strength with her own eyes.

"Clair, please inform the Security Department to clean up. Throw these rubbish out!" commanded Peter after he dealt with all of them.

He urged this to be done soon because he was still anxious to finish an important thing with Bella.

"Yes, sir," Clair immediately complied.

The nine defeated men shouted loudly.

"Do you have any idea who we are? We work for the Song family! How dare you beat us! You are doomed!" one of them threatened angrily.


As soon as he yelled out, Peter came forward and slapped on his face forcefully.

"I have beaten up so many members of the Song family. Do you think I would hesitate to add one more? Don't you have newer threats? Can you stop singing the same song? I'm tired of it!"

Peter sneered at him. These guys had been saying the same thing over and over again.

The man's teeth were knocked out by his slap. He glared at Peter with hatred but he didn't dare say anything.

What Peter said made sense. He had hit Ronald and the others. Why would he spare them? 'It was foolish to threaten him. I even got slapped for that stupid remark! Bullshit!' he thought in retrospect.

A few minutes later, Liam with a group of s

were all swept out.

He couldn't imagine how they messed up within three hours.

After being told the whole story, he couldn't contain his anger at these idiots. In his rage, he slapped Tab and the three others.

"You fucking idiots! Bastards! Can't you do anything right? I deployed you in Silverland Group not to have fun and especially not to chase girls! Humph! Peep in women's toilet? What else are you capable of?" he boomed.

Robin nearly went crazy. How embarrassing! Thank God nobody knew they were his men.


Instead of dodging his slaps, the four men knelt down to beg for mercy.

"Mr. Song! We are sorry! We won't do it again.

It's all our fault. We even involved Ronald. We are so sorry!

We swear we will do better. Please forgive us!" they pleaded.

They knew they had done wrong. The only way to save their ass was to beg. Otherwise, Robin might kill them out of rage.

Robin glared at them with hatred. Then, after a vigorous beating, he finally grew exhausted. "Fuck off!" he said, dismissing them.

The four men were so pleased to hear it and rushed out as soon as they could.


As soon as they left, Robin's phone beeped. He immediately took it out of his pocket to check. He almost got a heart attack with what he saw on the news.

It said, "HEADLINE: Psychopathic Stalkers in the Ladies Room!"

In the news body were several high-definition pictures of the stalkers: they were Tab and the three.

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