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   Chapter 206 Peter In A Rage

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At first, Peter did not intend to hurt Ronald badly. After all, Ronald was Robin's man and Peter did not want to bring trouble to his company.

However, Ronald was so arrogant that Peter was irritated and unable to control himself anymore.

'Son of a bitch! You are so shameless! Now, I'm going to give a lesson that you deserve!' thought Peter.

Without any warning, Peter took a deep breath, shouted and slammed against Ronald's right leg.

People including Bella and Ronald froze with their mouths wide open. They could not believe their eyes.

'What is he doing? He's not thinking straight! He needs to avoid the attack! Why did he slam against his leg?' they thought.

Ronald grinned when he saw what happened. He believed that Peter had no choice but bear the blow.

However, he was greatly shocked by what happened next.

Bang! Peter's chest hit Ronald's foot really hard.


Suddenly, Ronald felt a sharp pain on his leg!

It seemed like his leg was broken! The wound caused by the scissor was now bleeding!

Ronald's face changed. He could not believe his eyes!

'That's impossible! He is so strong!' he thought.

Peter said nothing. At that moment, he himself was short of breath.

He felt nauseated. He realized Ronald was strong! He was trying hard not to spit out blood!

Tab and his men were stunned when they saw this.

'What the fuck! Ronald was beaten up? That's impossible! This cannot possibly happen!' they thought.

They could not help but lower their heads in embarrassment.

After all, Ronald was the strongest among them. Even he was no match for Peter. They did not dare fight against Peter anymore.

After taking a deep breath, Peter turned to Ronald coldly.

"Take your men and get out of Silverland Group! You are not welcome here! It was just a lesson for you and your men! I will not let you go again next time!"

"Let's go." Ronald looked at Peter in a mixed expression and then left the place being supported by Tab.

The bodyguard who was not involved in the fight glanced at Peter and then left with them.

"Girls, problem solved! Now, Go back to work! Call me if you meet any more trouble! I'm always at your service!"

t out whoever you are!"

"Fuck you! How dare you hurt my men! I will not let you go today! Get out!"

Two men shouted trying to get in the room. They looked terrifying!

There were nine men and all of them were Robin's men.

While they were showing off around Silverland Group, they were told that Ronald and his men were gone.

Later, they found that three more partners were terrorized and left. They could not stand it anymore. Hence, they burst into the CEO office.

They decided to revenge their partners and beat up Peter.

Actually, they had a plan. Ronald was Robin's henchman. If they could defeat Peter, then they would become Robin's henchmen instead.

Besides, they had nothing to lose. If they could not defeat Peter, the worst thing for them was to be badly hurt by Peter. It was no big deal!

Robin would not blame them if they were defeated. Even Ronald was no match for Peter!

"Where did these dogs come from? Fuck off!" Peter was furious! 'What the fuck! Of all times they decided to come here at this moment!' he thought.

"Fuck! You're seeking death!" The nine men were angered after they heard Peter. They surrounded him, ready to pounce at any moment.

"Be careful! They are the security guards arranged by Robin!" Bella reminded Peter when she saw them.

"Fuck Robin!" Peter was so angry. "Go to hell, you bastards!"

Peter charged towards them!

This time he was really outraged. He did not show any mercy at all.

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