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   Chapter 205 You Are Going To Die Today

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 7541

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"You don't scare me. Damn you! Go to hell!" Peter swore scornfully. The four security guards didn't scare him.

What they did was despicable and he was determined to teach them a lesson. 'Break into the ladies room and attempt to take advantage of them? Shameless!' he thought.

He was especially irritated by Ronald for forcing the ladies to kneel and beg for mercy. He even tried to bully Bella! 'Just you wait, bastard!' thought Peter.

The tension was rising from both sides. A fight was surely about to ensue. Ronald decided to keep a low profile.

He thought it was best not to involve himself as Tab and the other three guards would already be able to handle it themselves.

Bella, likewise, did not worry too much about Peter. She believed in his capability.

Tab, the strongest among the four, attacked first. He charged at Peter swiftly. He balled his fingers into a fist and threw Peter a punch. There was murder in his eyes.

Peter dodged sideways and stomped hard on Tab's toes.

"Ah!" Tab cried in pain as he failed to defend himself. He did not expect Peter to play such a dirty trick!

Peter followed-up with a kick that hit Tab squarely on his chest.


Tab was thrown backward. He fell towards his peers, hit the toilet, and then finally fell on the ground.

"You're so smelly, you fucking pervert. You just love the ladies room, don't you? Enjoy the shit!"

Peter sneered. Then, he turned to the other three security guards and stepped on their toes one-by-one.

Still in a daze with the impact from Tab's fall, the three yelped as they all failed to dodge Peter's foot. They screamed, gasped and jumped up and down in pain.

Without wasting another second, Peter kicked them three more times and sent them falling to the toilet with Tab as well.

"Ah!" "Ouch!" "It hurts!" they exclaimed. All four of them grumbled painfully in the cubicle.

It was fortunate that this was the ladies room. If they happened to be in the men's room, they would have most likely been covered in urine from the urinals by now.

Their failure and humiliation drove them mad.

'Shameless! Despicable!' they thought.

They were not able to anticipate Peter's actions!

'What a shame!' thought they.

The ladies in th

ble!' thought Ronald conceitedly.

As Peter's hand greeted neared Ronald's leg, the ladies gasped in suspense, worried about Peter.

Ronald's kick seemed terribly heavy and powerful. They were afraid that Peter would be no match for him.

Everyone was nervous, except for Peter himself. He smiled with calm and confidence. The moment Ronald's leg reached his hand, he quickly unveiled a pair of scissors!

Ronald's face turned pale at the sight of his weapon.

'Damn it! What an asshole! He's playing dirty tricks again?' he thought in panic.

He was confident that he could smash Peter's arm but now it looked like it would be at the cost of hurting his leg with those sharp blades!

Despite his lower body strength, it was no match for this pair of scissors!

As much as he wanted to withdraw his leg, its acceleration made it impossible.

The scissors pierced Ronald's leg ruthlessly.

The metal dug in the human flesh with a terrifying sound.

Ronald screamed in extreme pain. Still, he did not let the pain stop him from delivering his kick.

He gritted his teeth and followed through, sweeping his wounded leg towards Peter, retaining every bit of force. 'You bastard! How dare you wound me! You will not get away with this! An eye for an eye. You are going to die today!' thought Ronald.

The faces in the audience darkened. Bella was especially shocked.

They didn't expect that despite the pain of Ronald's serious injury, he would still push to fight and kill Peter.

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