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   Chapter 204 An Intolerable Provocation

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 5589

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Bella's face turned cold. She did not expect that these bodyguards would ignore her like this.

"Who hit them? Tell me now or you'll feel sorry!"

Ronald Li, one of the two men, spoke again.

He stared at the female staff like a vicious serpent.

He and other bodyguards were Robin's men and Robin was powerful in the capital. They couldn't bear to be beaten by these women.

The staff, especially the girls who hit them, trembled.

They kept quiet, not daring to make a sound, and slowly drew back.

How could they have expected Ronald Li to not only ignore Bella but also turn at them?

'What the fuck! You are a man and you want to hurt us girls? How can you do that?'

they thought fearfully.

"You, you and you, come here. Kneel down and apologize to us," Ronald Li demanded, pointing at several girls. He talked as if he were a king.

As one of Robin's best men, he was quite accustomed to authority. He also felt like he was good at reading people so he felt sure about who the guilty ones were based on their body language.

"No! It's not me!" one of the girls denied.

"I didn't do it either!" added another.

The girls who were singled out cried desperately. They were trembling and sobbing. They only gave the rascals a few harmless kicks and knocks to scare them. It didn't even hurt them at all. Why would Ronald Li ask them to kneel and apologize? It was unreasonable!

"I'll give you ten seconds to apologize and then tell me who else hit my men. Otherwise, I'll strip off your clothes and throw you out into the street for display!"

Ronald Li threatened ruthlessly, showing no mercy towards the girls. He would make them pay fo

men glared at Peter with resentment as if Peter were their sworn enemy.

They hated Peter to death because he had them shamed and humiliated.

"Oh my! I'm so scared of you!" Peter took a few steps back and pretended to be scared of their venomous expression. "What did I do to you? Kill your family?

I don't know you. Why do you hate me so much? I don't think we've met before. You must be mistaken!"

Peter's feeble voice with his pretend helpless expression made people laugh.

His joke made the girls a little more relaxed.

Seeing Peter make fun of the bad guys showed that he wasn't afraid of them at all.

"Shit! You are asking for death!" Tab and the three other men were infuriated. They rushed at Peter angrily.

"Ahhh!" the girls screamed in panic, but not because they were worried about Peter. They were more worried that the rubbish would stain them.

Peter sneered. He made time to talk because this was how he wanted things to go, apart from making the girls a bit more relaxed.

He was careful not to provoke a fight openly in public, especially because they were Robin's men.

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