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   Chapter 203 The Arrogant Bodyguard

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 8456

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What the hell! They just wanted to have fun with the beautiful lady, but now she was nowhere to be seen. Moreover, disgusting, smelly garbage was thrown at them. How could they not be furious?

At a corner, Peter looked at the four bodyguards moving around wildly. He laughed out loud before taking the phone out of his pocket to take a few photos.

Clair was hiding behind Peter. She was giggling and was trying so hard not to laugh out loud.

'Peter's done a great job. These four shameless assholes deserve what's happening to them right now, ' she thought.

At first, Clair was about to go into the ladies room but was stopped by Peter unexpectedly.

She was still feeling terrified. If Peter did not stop her from entering the ladies room, those four scumbags would have followed her inside as well.

"Stop laughing. Let's get away from here quickly, unless you want to stay and continue watching them." Seeing that she was still laughing, Peter told Clair that he was done taking pictures and that they should leave right away.

They had hardly left when a group of people came running towards the washroom.

These people were working on this floor, and most of them were women. When they heard that there were perverts at the ladies room, they all came out to check.

Even Bella was shocked to hear the news and rushed out to the ladies room right away. When all these people got into the scene, they saw the four bodyguards standing there covered in trash and embarrassment.

Rotten food and all kinds of garbage were all over their bodies. One even had a sanitary pad on his head. That was so disgusting.

"Ah, you perverts! You dare go into the ladies room!"

"Troublemakers! You're a bunch of troublemakers! What's that on your head? It's so disgusting. You are perverts!"

"Let's beat them. They are perverts."

Some daring women cursed them while taking off their shoes, and then they threw them at the four men.

They were beside themselves with anger.

'This is the ladies room. Now there are four perverts on foot! We have no idea what else they have done. Can any woman take it just like that?

Fortunately, they were found out right away. The thought that somebody was watching us while we were at the ladies room gives us a chill.'

Seeing this, the rest of the women did not think about their shoes anymore and started throwing them towards the men.

They were filled with anger and resentment.

They threw their high-heeled shoes at the four men. With so many shoes being thr

These beautiful ladies did not know about the six bodyguards at all, nor were they aware that they were here to guard Bella. So they just kept on asking the two men who arrived.

As it turned out, four men went inside the ladies room in an attempt to do malicious things. And the other two treated them rudely. This angered them even more.

"You shut up. Am I talking to you? If you don't stop talking, I will tear up your mouth!"

One of the two men stared coldly at the women who were talking to them, as if they were just waiting for a chance to hurt the women.

The women were frightened and dared not speak anymore.

Watching the scene in front of her, Bella could not help saying coldly, "You are so arrogant! What kind of bodyguards are you? Are you going to reprimand me as well?"

Bella was so furious and irritated! 'Are they really bodyguards? Damn it! They are even more domineering than me, the president and chairman of Silverland Group.'

"Bella Song, don't think that I will be afraid of you just because you are the chairman of the board and Silverland Group is under your control. If you dare to say one more word, I will tear up your mouth too, do you understand?"

The bodyguard did not fear Bella at all and admonished her with a hostile face.

He was Robin's favorite bodyguard, so he was not afraid of Bella, a mere president of a small group in Golden City. He believed that even if he hurt Bella, Robin would not do anything to him but probably scold him for a few minutes.

'He is so arrogant!

Too damned arrogant!

This is the first time that I have seen a bodyguard like this, who dares to threaten his own employer, ' Bella thought.

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