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   Chapter 202 Perverts In The Ladies Room

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 5927

Updated: 2019-03-31 00:14

'He is so strong!

He is so arrogant!' the guard thought.

He dared not say anything while looking at Peter's cold eyes. Chills went down his spine.

He supported his two partners and left quickly.

Peter said nothing and walked towards the CEO office after they left.

At the door of the CEO office

"Miss Yang, you are so beautiful! I like you so much! Can you be my girlfriend?"

"You should be his girlfriend! Tab is really strong! Besides, he is also good in bed. You won't regret it."

"If you are his girlfriend, you will not only have a luxurious life but also a satisfying sexual life!"

Four muscled men surrounded Clair and kept flirting with her! They looked at her with malicious eyes.

They were Robin's bodyguards. Actually, they were not willing to work at Silverland Group.

All of them were well-trained and highly skilled. And they believed that they were wasting their talent on a petty job! They did not want to protect Bella. She was just a CEO of a small group in Golden City. But, they did not dare refuse Robin's arrangement.

Eventually, they became excited when they found so many beautiful girls in Silverland Group, especially Clair.

"Sorry. I have a boyfriend. I don't like you. Please leave me alone!" Clair got irritated every time they talked to her.

'They are so disgusting! I don't want to see them!' she thought. Even if she hated them, she could not do anything. She knew they had a powerful background. Even Bella could not fire them!

"It doesn't matter! You can dump your boyfriend! He's useless compared to me! If you are with me, you will definitely fall in love with me!

Just spend one night or an hour with me, then you won't be able to leave me!"

Tab looked at Clair with a malicious smile. He

, someone was shouting!

Click! Click!

Tab and his men were shocked for a while. When they came to their senses, they found that someone was taking pictures of them.

They were greatly embarrassed and turned around quickly.

If they were found in the ladies room, they would feel too humiliated to stay in Silverland Group! And Robin would never let them go easily!

They got confused because they did not see anyone around them at all!

However, they had no time to think about it! What they wanted to do right now was to grab the camera and beat up the man who was taking their pictures.

But when they turned back, they were hit by some trash. They failed to see who was taking the pictures.

They tried to protect themselves by covering their faces. However, the garbage fell on them!

At that moment, they were covered in bad smelling trash!

It was too horrible and disgusting! Leftovers and used sanitary pads were on their heads!

"My gosh! Perverts are in the ladies room! Come here and catch them!" Click!

The man continued to shout and took pictures again!

Tab and his men were so mad that they wanted to kill that son of a bitch right away!

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