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   Chapter 200 A Reward

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 7530

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"You talk nonsense!" Darren yelled, "These are all part of your story. Who knows if they are true or false? Do you have any proof?"

Darren was not willing to let Peter go. He gritted his teeth and tried to make Peter admit.

"Is there anything to prove? You can ask the person involved." Peter laughed. He did not expect that Darren would like to humiliate himself further.

Darren grinned as he heard Peter. He turned to Brandon and said through gritted teeth, "What he said, is that true? Tell me the truth. I will make you pay if you lie!"

Obviously, he was threatening Brandon.

"Darren Bai, how could you be so shameless like this?" Amelia was enraged as she noticed he was threatening Brandon.

Even if she recognized Brandon and was aware of his relationship with Peter, she was still unsure if Brandon would incriminate Peter under the circumstances.

People who were in favor of Peter like Garrett and Dora were beginning to worry about him.

Darren was an elite in Golden City. Anyone would be scared if threatened by him. What if Brandon changed his mind? Peter would be ruined forever.

Despite Peter's great strength, he could not escape from Orchid Club and from these tough bodyguards. There was no chance for him.

"Darren Bai, I have witnessed everything. I can testify." Dora stepped out and frowned upon Darren's arrogance.

"Humph, who doesn't know you are close to Amelia? Your testimony does not count." Darren did not buy it. He stared at Brandon once again.

"I will ask you again. What he said, is it true or not? Think twice of the consequences before you lie."

"Are you trying to threaten Brandon?" Peter mocked.

He was not worried at all compared with the others. His face was filled with mock.

How could Brandon implicate Peter? This was so ridiculous!

Just as he expected, Brandon did not disappoint Peter. With the threats from Darren and intimidation from the bodyguards, he gritted his teeth and said, "What he said is the truth! Those bastards deserve to be punched. I will kill them one day!"

"You dare!" Darren shouted. It never occurred to him that he would dare to say something like that.

"Fine, forget about it, it's done. Darren, just remove your men." Evan was afraid th

ked, "Why the hell are you yelling? I didn't touch you."

"Oh, you are alive. This is so great!" she replied. Minnie fell into his arms with excitement as he finished.

Peter was not happy with her words. He slapped her and said, "What are you talking about? Were you trying to curse me?"

He felt uncomfortable with her.

"Ouch!" Minnie cried, but she did not get mad. She muttered, "It is great that you are alive. I thought I would never see you again."

She cried as she said it.

Ever since she knew Jasper's intention, she had been very worried about him. She left the club early because of that.

She tried everything to get in touch with Peter tonight. But she failed. Finally, she decided to go home to the villa.

Anne and Liam had fallen asleep, so Minnie did not want to bother them. She did not want to tell them and make them worry. She decided to come to Peter's room.

She thought something happened to Peter since he did not come home early. How could she resist her excitement as she saw Peter?

Peter felt something was wrong. But he did not care even if he had figured out what was going on. "I'm not afraid of Robin. How could even I be afraid of Jasper? He is just an elite in Golden City. You don't need to worry about that."

He was out of sorts all of a sudden. 'Never treat a tame tiger as a sick cat.'

Peter turned to Minnie with a mean smile. "Minnie, I will give you a reward for your concern. You are allowed to stay here tonight with me. Hahaha."

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