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   Chapter 199 Crisis Resolved

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 6862

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Evan, Robin, and the others also saw Peter. They looked at him with hatred. It was this bastard again.

Before they could say anything, Darren jumped out and approached his men.

"What happened? Who did this to you? Son of a bitch! How dare he hurt my men! I don't care who did this. I will kill him!"

Darren realized that the wounded were all his men. While he asked, he stared at Peter unblinking. Instantly, he knew that Peter was the culprit to all this.

He did not pick on Peter at the hunting ground because he did not get the right opportunity, and Evan also opposed to any other actions against Peter. But now he would not spare Peter. Not after what he did to his men.

"Hey, you! Did you do this?" Darren pointed at Peter and asked arrogantly.

His rage frightened the guests around them. They did not dare make a sound or get close, to avoid being involved.

"It's me. So what?" Peter was not afraid of Darren at all. He admitted it was him freely.

"Good! What a hero! You have guts to do this!" Darren ridiculed Peter's fearlessness. His jaw clenched in anger and bitterness.

"You asked for it! Now, I will give you what you are looking for! I left you alone in the hunting ground because I never got the chance to get to you. But now, you hurt my men. I won't spare you!

Fucking bastard! Who gave you the guts to challenge me? You will feel sorry for this!"

He clapped his hands, and soon around thirty powerful bodyguards gathered around him.

At first glance, people could tell that they were dangerous, well-trained fighters. They were muscular, staring at people with murderous eyes. Moreover, there was something shiny hoisted on their waist. It must be guns!

Since the group of bodyguards showed up, the crowd got scared and stepped backward.

The men were just too fearsome!

They looked as if they were going to turn the Orchid Club upside down. None of the local people would dare to do this, only the highborn from the capital.

Darren felt gratified after he saw the local guests were intimidate

revenge on me! You are such a rat! Is this how you, so-called highborn do things? I have to say you win, schemers!"

Peter was eloquent enough to convince other people that Darren was behind this. Now Darren was caught in a dilemma.

"Fuck! Shut up! That's a dirty lie!" Darren became anxious.

He never expected that Peter could successfully turn the tables against him and make him look like he was the bad guy on all this.

"A dirty lie?" Peter smiled. "Then why do you have your men surround me if you did not arrange this? Or did I do anything wrong to protect other people against harassment?"

Darren's face turned red as he felt both awkward and angry. He lost his head all of a sudden, unable to react.

After Peter's remarks, all the guests would stand by him. It was inappropriate to hurt him now.

Darren did not care about how other people thought of him at all, but he needed to consider the fame and reputation of their group, highborn of the capital.

Robin's expression changed, so did his view towards Peter.

He thought Peter was a powerful but reckless man. Now he realized, Peter was also smart and cunning.

He resolved this crisis without any effort and on his favor.

Evan also frowned, because he did not expect it would end like this.

Dora and Garrett looked at Peter with admiration. This guy, Peter, was remarkable.

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