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   Chapter 198 Challenging The Highborn

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 7890

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As people watched in shock, Peter stamped on the young man's face, breaking his teeth in the process. As the man squealed in pain, Peter turned to charge at the other two men.

There was no turning back for Peter. He intended to go berserk that night. First it was Evan's dumb challenge, then Darren's dumb face, and now it was Robin's dumb men. Peter tried excruciatingly hard to control his temper.

But now when he saw his good buddy Brandon being bullied by the so-called highborn of the capital, he couldn't stand it any more. His anger was on the verge of exploding.

He needed to vent out his frustration.

Peter charged at the two men and swiftly struck their heads with a barrage of blows.

Before the two men could even feel anything, they fell to the floor, unconscious.

Both their eyes and faces were swollen. Blood dripped out of their mouths.

Brandon and Flora smirked, delighted that this happened.

Those villains had been so harsh and mean when they bullied them, but now they were able to find retribution. They quietly hoped that Peter would beat them harder.

The debutantes around them stood still, in awe.

'Who is this gentleman? He's so cool! So brave!'

They all started to swoon at the sight of Peter defeating the bullies. 'He's a real man, ' they all thought in unison.

"What are you doing? Stop that! Do you have any idea who I am? Do you know who's behind me? Who the fuck do you think you are to do this to my men? I'll have you skinned!"

Eddie shouted harshly after coming to his senses. They underestimated Peter's power.

"Why should I listen to the likes of you?" Peter dismissed him entirely. He kept hitting them as he taunted them at the same time, "Or are you the president of our country?"

As Eddie knew that Peter would never listen to him, so he threatened him indignantly, "Boy, you have guts! Wait here, you motherfucker! I'll make you eat your fucking words."

The he yelled to a young man who hadn't been beaten, "Go get all our men!" Peter yelled back, "What? You think sending more men could stop me? You'll only send them to their deaths, dumbass!"

The young man didn't waste any time and ran immediately.

"Get as many as you can!" Peter screamed, hoping that the young man could hear his last taunt. He slowly walked towards Eddie.

"What the hell do you want?" Eddie aske

than a dozen husky men. All of them rushed to the scene.

Their eyes went straight to Eddie's motionless frame, lying in a pool of his own blood. "Eddie, what happened?

Fuck! What have you fucking done! You're dead!

Go on! Kill him!"

They charged at Peter quickly.

However, their amateurish skills were too weak for Peter. All of them were immediately struck down with one blow.

All of them flew out. Some were knocked and landed on the furniture, but most of them fell straight to the ground. Everything happened way too fast.

The spectators had their mouths wide open.

'Is he a man like you and me? I bet he's God! In the flesh! He's way too strong!'

The chaos in the ballroom had caused a stir. The highborn and the owner of the club were already informed, and headed to the area. Soon enough, they all came out to check what had happened.

The owner didn't dare to show up. He hid himself behind the crowd with sweat piling on the collar of his shirt.

The guests tonight were too important and influential for him to dissatisfy. He'd better stay away.

The highborn gentlemen like Evan, Robin, Darren and Morgan all wore a cold face, their teeth clenching one another in anger and worry.

Someone wanted to fuck their party up, after they worked so hard on it too. It was too humiliating!

After they showed up, the crowd in front of them made way for them. In the center of the crowd were Peter, Eddie and his men.

Amelia felt her head ache after she saw Peter. Why did it have to be him again? Why was he always causing trouble?

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