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   Chapter 197 Peter Was Provoked

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 6356

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"Son of a bitch! I will let you go this time for Flora's sake and nothing else! But I warn you that I will never let you go easily if you show up again."

Eddie, the head of the group, stopped beating Brandon up as he heard Flora's pleading.

"Fuck! Who the hell do you think you are? How dare you go against Eddie? Fuck off! Flora belongs to our boss now! She already broke off with you! Did you hear what she said?"

"If you show up again, we will beat you to death!"

Eddie's men cheered when he was finished.

However, Brandon, the man on the floor, ignored their threat. Instead, he turned to Flora and shouted, "Flora, you can't do that! You're getting yourself into big trouble! I know you are doing this for me! You want to protect my family! But I'm telling you, I'm not afraid of them at all!

You know me well! I will never submit to this humiliation! I will fight against them no matter the cost! I will fight for you!

If I can not protect my woman, then I am not a true man!"

Although Brandon was in a difficult situation, he was not scared. At that moment, his heart was filled with anger and pain. He spoke this so loudly that women around him were also deeply touched.

'Wow! That is so sweet! He is a true man! If he were my boyfriend, I would rather die with him!' they all thought.

Meanwhile, they also recognized the young man on the floor!

"Brandon Chu? His family is also powerful in the province!"

"My gosh! They dare beat him up! Who are they?"

"Don't be silly! They must be from the capital! They are more powerful!"

"How handsome Brandon is! I envy Flora! I hope I have a boyfriend like him!"

The women could not help speaking out and gushing over Brandon.

They did not expect that he was Brandon.

That was so unbelievable!

Flora was also greatly moved by Brandon. Her heart melted and her eyes were filled with tears!

In reality,

"We bothered you? Are you serious?" The man could not believe his ears!

'What a motherfucker! How humiliating! He is so arrogant!' he thought.

"Fuck your mother!"

When they came to their senses, the three men were eager to punch Peter. They were so mad. What they wanted was to kill Peter and break him to pieces.

"Go back and fuck your own mother!" Peter was enraged. He took three bottles of wine and threw them at these men.

He could not forgive them. They shouldn't have said those dirty words to him. Deep inside, Peter would never let anyone insult his mother. Even if he had never seen his mother, he still showed respect to her.

Peter was really strong that the three bottles flew to them quickly.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Instantly, the men's heads were badly hurt even before they could get close to Peter. Blood covered the floor. They fell on the ground like dead dogs.

"Son of a bitch!" One of them covered his injured head and was going to curse Peter. However, Peter ran towards him and stepped on his mouth furiously.

People around them were greatly shocked.

'His teeth were broken!' they all thought.

Peter looked so cruel at that moment.

People could not believe their eyes. They were all lost in their own thoughts.

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