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   Chapter 196 An Encounter With Dora

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 6588

Updated: 2019-03-28 00:14

"Wow, Dora, why are you here? I'm so surprised!"

Peter pretended to look surprised and a little scared since he decided to tease Dora.

"What are you talking about? I was just with you. Stop acting so surprised. What were you doing here without Amelia?"

Deep inside, Dora was happy to see the fear on Peter's face. Looking at the girl beside Peter, she had a good excuse to ask for her money back!

"I am not scared. I was just having a drink! It's not illegal!" Peter released his hand from Shelly's shoulder.

'You just want your money back! I know that! Don't play a dirty trick on me!' thought Peter.

Shelly was stunned. She did not recognize the woman! At first, she thought it was just Bella who was here.

'Why did Peter hit on her? She doesn't look like Peter's type. What a jerk! He always flirts with women!' thought Shelly.

Shelly was so nervous that she did not hear what Dora said. All she heard was the word 'mistress'.

"Wow! Why don't you just admit it! Typical of a man! You are cheating on Amelia! I'm going to tell her!" Dora was furious, and she turned to leave to look for Amelia.

As a matter of fact, it was not her real intention. She was trying to bait Peter. She believed that he would try to stop her. 'Call me back! Call me back, you fool!' Dora said to herself as she waited for Peter to call her.

"Wait a minute." Peter stopped her.

"What's the matter?" Dora smiled to herself. Dora asked him.

"I want to tell you that you have wet your pants," Peter said in a low voice.

"What!" Dora's face flushed and she checked her pants. It turned out that Peter was lying. Her pants were not wet at all.

"Haha! Dora! I can help you if you want to pee!" Peter laughed loudly when he saw the look on Dora's face.

Dora looked at Peter angrily. 'You bastard! How dare you make a fool of me!' she thought. "Peter, I'm going to tell Amelia that you are cheating on her! You are so dead!"

'What?' Peter panicked.

owards them. But, the six men stopped her.

Even if she really wanted to beat them up, she was unable to fight them. She started to punch them, but she was quickly stopped.

"Flora, I really like you! Can't you see that? Why did you go against me? What did you see in that bastard? Did you think of the consequences?"

the head of the men threatened her.

When she heard him, the girl's eyes became full of despair. She dared not speak a word.

'I can't go against him! It's useless to fight him. He will destroy my family!' she thought.

She had never felt so helpless!

"Let Flora go! Son of a bitch! You are just lackeys! Who the hell do you think you are! Kill me today, or I will kill you!"

The man on the ground bit his lips and was extremely furious when he heard Flora being threatened.

"Shut up!" Suddenly, Flora stopped him. "Kill them? How can you kill them? You are just a fool!

From now on, you are not my boyfriend! We have nothing to do with each other." Flora screamed and turned to the head.

"For my sake, please let him go! Let's go. I don't want to see him anymore! I am your woman now!"

Her heart was bleeding when she said this. 'Brandon, I'm sorry! If you only knew. I have no choice. If you defile him, you will bring disaster to your family, ' she told herself.

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