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   Chapter 195 Overstatement

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The two girls were Peter's girl Minnie and Aline, Minnie's opponent.

Aline was trying to get Peter from Minnie. But she changed her mind the moment she saw Robin in the party.

Robin was an elite in the capital. Peter was nothing compared to him. If there were any chance she could build a relationship with Robin, it would be easier to get Peter.

Robin had no clue what Minnie and Aline were thinking, not to mention the fact that they knew Peter very well.

As he heard the complaint of Griffith, he asked with a long face, "Didn't you tell him you were my men?"

"Yes," Griffith explained, "we told them we are your men from the very start. Peter did not care about it."

"Peter even boasted that he would not pay any attention to you even if you came. And the more that he doesn't care about us."

"Mr. Song, Peter was indeed very arrogant. We need to teach him a lesson. Not only did he say this, but he also did something much worse,"

Griffith's two followers added in exaggeration.

They would let Peter pay for what he had done to them. An eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth.

At this point, only Robin was capable of seeking justice for them.


Robin was so angry that he banged the table as he heard this. The wine in their glasses spilled out.

"He is so arrogant! I did not plan to deal with him yet, but it seems that he can't wait to die."

Robin was in a rage. He did not doubt what his followers said.

He had witnessed how arrogant Peter was. He was not surprised to hear all this.

"Mr. Song, it's my pleasure to help you teach him a lesson." A young man stood out as he saw the cold look on Robin's face.

It was a great opportunity to flatter Robin. His relationship with Robin would be much better if h

t time to her. No, no. It is his first time to drink cross-cupped with her.

Shelly blushed and nodded when she thought about it. "Okay, I'll do it with you."

Peter was so delighted that his eyes flashed in excitement. He smiled wickedly.

They got ready to drink with each other right away.

Peter was very excited. Ingenuous flirting was his favorite.

However, a voice came over when they were ready to drink.

"Bastard, you dare to flirt with others behind Amelia. I am going to tell Amelia. You would have a lot to suffer tonight."

It sounded irritated and gloated as he heard these words.

Shelly was startled and took her hand back in an instant. The wine spilled over Peter's body.

Peter became disenchanted. He raised his head, seeing Dora standing there and scolding him.

There was excitement in her eyes.

Dora pointed at Peter, with anger and confusion.

What annoyed her was that Peter flirted with others behind Amelia. How daring could he get? He knew Amelia was present.

What excited her was that she finally got him this time. Peter won so much tonight while she lost two million. She would definitely take some back from him.

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