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   Chapter 192 The Arrogant Follower

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"It's really you, Peter! I thought I was wrong!"

While Peter was indulging himself with wine and food, a sweet voice came to his ears.

There was a mixture of surprise and grievance in the tone, which made Peter feel protective.

He looked up in surprise. And the next moment he pulled her into his arms and asked with tenderness, "Shelly! Why are you here? Tell me what happened. I will deal with it!"

The girl was Shelly.

Peter never expected that Shelly would be here.

Shelly wore a green dress and some jewelry to match it, which looked very expensive. He could see that Shelly was dressed up especially for this occasion.

"Peter, I'm so sad!" Looking at the familiar face, Shelly couldn't help but sob on his shoulder.

"My family knew about this party, and they tried everything they could to get me in. They wanted me to make friends with some powerful people to help our family business.

More friends mean more opportunities, so I agreed. But these people all looked down on me! They refused to talk to me and even made fun of me. I'm so sad!"

She was extremely unhappy.

She was an innocent girl, and she had no idea of social class until tonight.

It was impossible for an ordinary person to enter the circle of power and wealth. If they wanted to, they might be given inferior roles, such as servants, staff or even playthings.


Peter was angry after he heard Shelly's words. He slapped Shelly's hip and asked her, "What? You said you were trying to meet other men behind my back? You are playing with fire! I'll punish you for that!"

Peter was mad because he thought she should be his girl, not other men's. He was disappointed with her.

"What are you talking about? I was trying to make friends with both girls and boys. It was only friendship, not like what you were thinking!"

Shelly felt offended that Peter thought wrongly of her. She never thought about finding a sugar daddy.

Not willing to displease Peter, She

as interrupted, especially when he realized that he didn't know the person who was provoking him.

"Who are you? I don't know you at all. Are you someone's dog?" Peter glared at Griffith Song and asked in a bad mood.

He was as venomous as usual.

He always believed in 'an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth'.


Shelly giggled and tried to prevent the wine from spraying out of her mouth. She glanced at Peter as if blaming him for his rudeness.

"Fuck you! Mind your filthy mouth! Are you looking for pain? Listen up! I'm Griffith Song, Robin Song's man!"

Griffith Song was furious. This bastard had a sharp tongue.

He was pretty proud when he mentioned Robin. It was an honor for him to work for Robin.

"Robin's man?" Peter smiled. "Then you are Robin's dog. I was wondering who you were. How can a dog be so arrogant?

Don't you know that I don't give a shit to your master Robin? Do you think I would mind his barking dog? Fuck off! Leave me alone. Stay where dogs should be! You don't deserve to talk to me. I'm disgracing myself just by looking at you,"

Peter said with contempt. He was so disgusted with this Griffith Song, as if Griffith Song was not worthy to talk to him.

What the fuck!

Griffith Song was raging mad. He could not tolerate Peter's insult anymore.

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