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   Chapter 191 Knocked Out With One Blow

Mighty Soldier King By Yue Bu Zui Characters: 8354

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Peter ignored the noises and was also unaware of Amelia's concern. He was in a world of his own and there was only coldness in his eyes.

If he wanted to impress the other people, the only solution was to defeat Dally in a shameful and devastating way. Otherwise, Evan's side would only become wilder.

As everybody watched, their two fists clashed against each other, creating an earsplitting noise.

Peter had put his whole strength in the fight, which was unbearable to Dally, an ordinary bodyguard. Dally felt a strong power flowed from his fist to his body. Suddenly, blood squirted from his mouth. The next moment he found himself flying in midair like a kite without a string.

The blow was so fast and strong.

Dally fell on the ground more than ten meters away. He struggled to pull up his body but failed. Finally, he gave up and stayed lying on the ground like a dead dog.

What happened?

Everyone was deeply shocked!

The whole place became deathly quiet. Everyone was stunned and remained motionless.

Nobody expected that Peter could be so strong, and could knock down Dally with one blow.

They knew Dally well enough that they were quite sure he was not a weak person. He got his fame through his fists, strength, and experience. But today he was too vulnerable to withstand a single blow from Peter.

Evan, Darren, and Morgan opened their eyes wide in disbelief.

"Who else wants to kick my ass? You can join together so that we can save some time!" After Peter finished Dally, he looked at the other dozen bodyguards and asked them.

The men got scared as they heard Peter's challenge.

Peter was too strong for them. Nobody dared to answer or move.

Even though they knew that if they fight together, they might knock Peter down, they did not want to do it. Aware that half of their peers may end up dead or severely injured, they did not want to take the risk.

"Son of a bitch!" Darren cursed in anger. "Come on guys. Join together. As long as you can hurt him, I will give each of you one million!"

He hated to see Peter's arrogant face. In his opinion, only the nobles like him could insult other people, not the other way around.

Normally, he would not bother to even take a glance at people like Peter. Now, however, his man was defeated and he humiliated by Peter. He could never tolerate this!

Even if those bodyguards were unwilling to accept the challenge, they could not refuse Darren's order. And the one million reward was also att

ot of gorgeous women. Why would he bother to pick up an ordinary one here?"

"Wow! He is so handsome. I like him!"

"Don't! Haven't you seen enough? He has refused so many women. Don't be the next one!"

Men and women stared at Peter and whispered with each other.

The men were jealous of him while the women adored him.

They didn't know that, in fact, Peter was seriously upset. He did not want to refuse them at all!

He wanted to yell at them, 'Come on, baby I like you. I want you all!' But he did not dare to do it. He knew Amelia must be there somewhere. If he did so, she might take him to a place of nowhere and shoot him dead.

Not far away, a common-looking girl was drinking alone unhappily.

Her family had tried a lot of effort to get an invitation for her to this ballroom. She was supposed to get acquainted with some debutantes and gentlemen from the capital.

But she couldn't find a way to meet any of them. She was despised by the prominent people in Golden City, let alone the highborn from the capital.

She heard the girls talking about Peter, and she looked at his direction with curiosity. Then she was stunned.

She rubbed her eyes and checked again. Yes, it was him.

When she saw Peter's face clearly, she smiled. Then she got to her feet and went to Peter.

"Look! Someone is trying again."

"She will be rejected. Just wait! She is not as beautiful as the girls before her, nor does she have a good background. Is it even possible that this gentleman will notice her? In her dreams!"

Her movement sparked a discussion again.

She kept walking towards Peter and chose to ignore the taunting from others.

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